How To Handle Rejection From Women

How To Handle Rejection From Women

Rejection from women, generally no man want to experience it but it is an unavoidable act men will have to face from women. The rejection can be from a particular girl you approach for dating, or being rejected by your girlfriend whom you’ve been in relationship with for sometimes.

Rejection from women always burns and can make you look yourself as unattractive kind of guy, it can demoralize you and take lots of your time thinking about how possible you’re being rejected even by the one who has one time claimed to have loved you.

How To Handle Rejection From WomenMen have always seen rejection from women as something entirely negative and that contribute to the fact that men think otherwise about their self-worth. Rejection actually has   its positive side, though not many men think about that, but it has its good side that can even put women-rejected men into other serious and life fulfilling relationship.

Then, how do you handle rejection and feel the awaiting positive part of it?

It is simple; you just need to handle it with grace and not allowing it to bring you down, feel happy about and let her see that, it is her loss not yours. When she sees you happy and enjoying your life without her, the second thought of, why on earth did she let you go will start pouring into her mind?

The tips below will help you to go through this tough time women put you into when you’re being rejected.

Allow the awkward feelings

First thing you should understand here is that, no matter how strong you may want to be, the feeling of rejection will always get you to pause and look at yourself, and ask what is wrong with me?, most especially when it is coming from the one you love.

You should allow yourself to feel the awkward sadness feeling brought about by the rejection. Yes, that’s true. The reason is that, if you don’t allow it now, it will still somehow find it way into your mind later on and it will linger more than you would have thought it could stay.

Allow it now and feel the pretty painful emotion that accompanied rejection but don’t let it linger too much in your mind for the whole week. Once you’ve allowed it for few times, made up your mind to embrace your life and forget about her totally. Other beautiful women are outside there awaiting your arrival and when you do get out of it finally in a short while, you’ll realized, it is even better she rejected you because, you’re seeing things differently now and you’re able to choose wisely the kind of woman that will be much better off the one that has rejected you.

Respect her opinion

Since she does not want to be with you anymore, there is no point begging her to stay. It is her opinion and let it be. If you try so hard to beg her to stay and eventually she still left you, you’re going to feel the worst kind of rejection in your life. The emotional trauma might take you longer time before you can recover yourself.

Just respect her opinion, don’t even allow an angry outburst as a result of the rejection, you’ll be much happier later because you have a free mind respecting her wishes.

Seeing you allowing her exit from your life easily will shake her ego and get her thinking on what she has allowed to go.

Don’t hope for her coming back

Doing this, will allow the rejection awkward feelings to lingers on in your life for longer time and that will prevent you from bringing yourself up again. If she has rejected you for any kind of reason, the possibility of her coming back to you is very slim, it might be you’re not so compatible as much as she wanted, and you can bet it, she won’t come back to you again.

But you should remember that, she is just one out of the possibility of many fishes in the ocean.

If you’re finding it hard to brace up, go spend time with friends

I know that not everyone will be able to go through this feeling of rejection all alone, if you’re the kind of person that cannot handle it all alone, go meet your friends who understand your situation and can cheer you up with so much encouragement. [Read; How to overcome relationship frustration]

Before you know, you’re already over with the awkward and self-damaging feelings of rejection.

Continue with your normal life

Don’t try to change your life because you’re being rejected by any woman, continue with your normal routine, do what you know how to do best and enjoy your life. Don’t just go get drunk in order to forget about the feeling. Drinking liquor will only worsen your situation, as it will only allow you to continue in the state of soberness you’re into. That’s the funny part of alcohol; it will allow you to prolong the particular mood you are before taking it.

With these few pointers, you will find it easy to handle rejection from women, no matter the level of your relationship with them. Don’t just sit there and allow the downside of rejection bore your life. You have more things to do, go get them doing as time wait for no man.

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