6 Sure Signs Your Man Is Crushing On Your Friend

As a girl, few things could be more distressing than finding out your man is crusting on your friend. This is the stuff of nightmares for most ladies. Love triangles like this have the potential to destroy lives.

your man is crushing on your friend

It would be easier if the girl in question is a stranger. Or even if you knew her, she is not a close friend. In which case you can easily arrange for something nasty to happen to her. Figuratively of course.

How to run the imposter out of your man’s attention is a discussion for another day. For now, the issue is, how would you know your man is crushing on your friend? What are the giveaway signs to look out for?

Fortunately, some of these signs are not hard to spot. At least, if you know what to look for, you would know how to reign in your man. And of course, with the right strategy, you can now halt your man’s wandering attention.

Signs your man is crushing on your friend

1. She is one of his favorite subjects

your man is crushing on your friend

It is normal if your boyfriend talks about your friend occasionally. But it becomes suspicious if he talks about her regularly.

It’s more suspicious if the friend is not even that close to you. In such a case, loud alarm bells should be ringing in your head.

Don’t ignore his seemingly casual but regular questions about:

  • What she is up to
  • When you’d bring her along on a visit
  • Where she lives
  • If she has a boyfriend
  • Etc.

The point is, if your man uses every opportunity to insert her into every conversation, he likely has a thing for her.

2. She gets more attention than you

One situation that cannot be avoided is having your friend together with your man in one place from time to time.

So how does he behave when the three of you are together? Does he try to draw her into every conversation? Does he laugh at all her lame jokes? Do his eyes follow her when she gets up for a bathroom break or to get something?

These are all tell-tale signs your boyfriend has more than a passing interest in your friend.

3. Seems to always take her side

your man is crushing on your friend

There are few signs more obvious than this.

Though your boyfriend is under no obligation to always agree with everything you say or do, being on her side always is a clear sign he has a thing for her.

It is very likely he might tag you jealous if you bring up the issue with him. And if he is the sensitive type, he might try to shrug it off as a joke. Thereby casting aspersions on your sense of humor.

Don’t be deceived. The signs are clear he has a crush on her.

4. He is bothered about her relationships

When you boyfriend starts taking undue interest in the private affairs of your friend, you better watch out.

He might chalk it down to the fact that he is just watching out for her because she is your friend. Actually, it is none of his business who she decides to date or not.

But that fact would be lost on your man. He would constantly try to disparage your friend’s boyfriend. He’d complain the man is not good enough for her and she could do better.

The bottom line is, because your man has a crush on your friend, he’ll never have anything nice to say about her date. And no man would ever be suitable for her. If he had his way, she would break up ASAP.

5. He calls her up without telling you

your man is crushing on your friend

This is one of those situations you’d feel you were the last to find out he has been chatting with her without your knowledge.

If your man is crushing on your friend, giving enough time, he’d find a way to get her number. Perhaps, he would casually ask you for her number. If that doesn’t work, he would somehow get it from your phone contacts.

It wouldn’t be beyond him to even ask her directly when you are not around.

With her number, he can initiate any conversation at any time. What happens subsequently depends on whether he is on top of his game or not.

Unfortunately, most of the time, you would only discover when it is too late.

6. He regularly pits you against her

It is bad manners to compare your date with somebody else. It is even worse if your date uses your friend as a standard you should aspire to.

This is really painful and intolerable. When you are faced with a situation like this, call your man to order immediately.

Maybe that would stop him overtly comparing you to your friend. But his feelings are clear: he has a crush on your friend.

So have you found yourself in a situation your man is crushing on your friend? How did you find out and what signs let the cat out of the bag? We would also love to know how you handled the situation. Tell all about your experience in the comment section below.

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