No Relationship Is Perfect But Here Is How To Make Yours Near Perfect

No Relationship Is Perfect But Here Is How To Make Yours Near Perfect

If you look around the world today, you hardly see any perfect relationship; does that mean couple cannot have a perfect relationship? That question begs for an answer.

If I ask you, would you desire a perfect relationship? I think I know what your response will be, though I may be wrong, but I guess your response will be “emphatic yes”.

No Relationship Is Perfect But Here Is How To Make Yours Near PerfectIf that’s truly what your response will be, how then are you not living a perfect relationship? No, don’t ask, is it only me? You’re not alone, everyone in relationship, whether casual, romantic or even in marital relationship are having this challenge.

But here is a shocker, you can’t have a perfect relationship but you can have a near-perfect relationship. And I think that’s fair enough, after all, you’re human full of flesh and blood and in human flesh, there lie imperfection.

How then can you have a near perfect relationship in your life or your marriage?

You can only have near-perfect relationship in your marriage if you can tolerate one another, and that sum it all.

Let me illustrate it further with this little story and you’ll grab the whole truth without any reservation.

If you’re with me, here is the little story that’ll make you get me clearer;

After a luxurious wedding ceremony and a one of the best reception you can ever think of, this couple travel abroad for their juicy honey moon. After the whole marriage package and not too long, issues began to ensue between the couple.

The love they profess begin to grow weary, distance set in, follow by crack in the marriage and all of a sudden, it is now a matter of issue of divorce. The man can’t cope with the challenges anymore and he’s looking for any opportunity to bring up this issue, but the opportunity fail to come.

He decided to travel to the town where his father lives, he tabled the matter and after much discussion with his Dad with every valid reason why he wants to divorce his wife, his father cut in suddenly and said…..

My son, you’re not alone in this kind of situation, I also have been contemplating about this same issue, I think I really need to divorce your mother, I won’t deceive you my son, it is like hell living with her since I married her even before you were born.

The father looks straight into his son eyes and continue, I learn to tolerate her just as she learnt to tolerate me too even with my stubborn headed and that is why everyone around here in this town see us as a perfect example for a perfect home, and his dad pulse…

The man…found himself speechless….he returned home to make peace with his woman and learn to tolerate her imperfection, knowing well that, even himself is not a perfect person. [Also read; True love story of couple heartbreak lesson]

That’s the little story I think will help you understand my point better and I want to add one thing to it.

If truly you desire that perfect relationship, you need the third strand to help your relationship stand firm. That strand is your maker, you God; He is the third strand that can help you make your relationship a perfect and beautiful union that everyone around you will love to emulate.

Do you have any questions, contribution and comment, please bring them in, use the comment box below to let me hear from you. Remember we’re not perfect but we’ll strive to be perfect. Do share this article using any of the social network icons below.

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