You Are Always Crying Like You Are In A Relationship With An Onion? How To Stop

Let’s face it, we don’t like seeing our friends crying all the time. We positively abhor it. So the question is, if you don’t like it, why are you always crying? Don’t you think the fact you are always crying is driving friends and family bonkers?

you are always crying

There are legitimate reasons for shedding tears. How long you cry is directly related to the cause of your tears. People cry for various reasons including:

However, no matter the reason for the tears, it is unacceptable to keep making people uneasy with the constant tears. It is too indulgent and smacks of selfishness to a large extent. You are not the only person with feelings you know.

It’s a bad relationship if makes you cry all the time

you are always crying

Nobody gets into a relationship because they want to be sad. That is a type of masochism I have never heard of in my life.

We get into a relationship with the notion we are going to do the right things for ourselves. That is normal.

What is very abnormal is sticking to a relationship where you are always crying. What is the point?

Do you think time would somehow change the situation and make you happy again? If you have been in this sad state for a long time, it doesn’t need a genius to tell you it would remain this way if you do nothing.

If you find yourself in a relationship where you are always crying, just know you are in a toxic relationship. The best thing is to walk away if it goes on for a long time.

The fact is, your partner’s attitude is unlikely to change. Sticking around is doing untold damage to your mental and physical health.

And let’s not even talk about how your family and friends would be affected by your state. Things could turn very ugly just because some folks in your corner can’t stand seeing you that way.

What to do if you are always crying in your relationship

you are always crying

The most obvious thing to do if you are always crying in your relationship is to stop the rot. Just eliminate the cause of your emotional state from your life.

However, it is never that easy for many folks. As a matter of fact, it is because it can be difficult to reverse the rot you find many people in such relationships.

So eliminating the problem works differently for people and it depends on the problem. Generally though, if you are always crying and want to change your life you must be:

1. Courageous – nobody is born a coward. Life shaped you to become what you are. But inside all of us, there are building blocks of courage. That is what you need to tap to give yourself the courage to face your problem

2. Fearless – fear is that nebulous thing that stops us from making life-changing decisions. Because of fear, we create storms in teacups and operate below our potential.

Once you eliminate fear in your life, you would be able to accomplish anything.

3. Optimistic – so many people tend to hold a negative view of the future. The future is always shaped by your actions today.

If the steps you are taking are designed to make you stop crying constantly as if you are dating an onion, you are already creating the groundwork for an optimistic future. The future can only be better if you actually do something positively.

4. Open to counseling – Seek and take the advice of trusted friends and family. Don’t think it makes you weak to ask for help or advice.

You would be surprised how much time and resources your allies would be willing to invest in solving your problem. Some might even make it their mission to crush anybody that tries to stop them.

5. Open to a separation or breakup – A separation or a breakup should be one of the options you are willing to try.

Sometimes separation and distance have a way of putting things in proper perspective for everybody concerned. That perspective could be the realization that a breakup would be in the interest of everybody. Most especially you.

Then try this…

you are always crying

1. Since your partner is the reason you are always crying, talk to them; tell them you’ve had enough of the disgusting situation and you need a change

2. If your partner is prone to violence, make sure a trusted friend or two is around while telling them of your decision to make drastic changes.

3. Organize an intervention – call mutual friends and family to have a sit down with your partner. They must be able to drive home the message that the situation is unacceptable to everybody.

They should spell out the consequences if your partner refused to change.

The bottom line

you are always crying
The most important thing to realize is that the fact you are always crying would not change anything. It is likely some people would have pity on you and try to work something out.

But if the underlying situation with your partner persists, you would definitely revert back to your previous sniveling, annoying self.

You don’t want that. Your friends hate it. So why not do something about dropping it?

So, do you know anybody who is always crying like they are in a relationship with a very spicy onion? Or are you in this sort of situation too? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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