Too Ashamed To Workout Publicly? 6 Ways To Overcome Feelings Threatening To Sabotage Your Fitness Goals

We have all being there before. You might find yourself in a situation that is simply overwhelming. You’d just freeze up and hope something dramatic happens to help you out. It happens a lot in the gyms where newbies might find themselves too ashamed to workout publicly.

ashamed to workout publicly

Anything can be the cause of this. It depends on the individual in question. For some, they are simply not comfortable been in a crowd of people. While others, it might be just simply a case of being too ashamed of some perceived personal inadequacies.

Extroverts or very social people might not understand the fuss. But this is a big problem for many people. Just like in life, if you are too ashamed to workout publicly at the gym, it is obvious you would never get the desired results.

For people who are that way, it is a psychological issue that must be solved before they can move on. So, if you are too ashamed to workout publicly, and you cannot afford a personal gym at home, read on to see how you could overcome the problem.

1. Look for a gym that fits your personality

ashamed to workout publicly

Crowded gyms can be daunting for newbies. Here is the thing though, no matter how highly praised a gym is, you are under no obligation to register there.

You can go to the gym and have a look. If you don’t feel comfortable, look for another gym. Keep looking until you find one that you feel comfortable enough with.

You can make a list of the top three gyms you visited. Then in the comfort of your bedroom, decide which among them to sign up with.

At least, the choice is yours and you just didn’t join the bandwagon because a particular gym is very trendy.

2. Take time to get used to the gym

Now that you’ve made your choice, don’t expect that everything would just fall into place. The universe does not revolve around you and your feelings

You are ashamed to workout publicly because that is your personality. Other people would not change because of you.

That change rests solely on you.

However, you don’t have to rush the process of getting used to your new gym. Take it slowly. Allow the people and the environment to be part of you at your own pace.

Many people just give up after a few days if they are still not as comfortable as they wished. That is so wrong and a little too hasty to admit defeat.

3. Get awesome training kits

ashamed to workout publicly

Even in workouts, you can dress to kill or to put it another way, you can dress to succeed.

Simply make sure you have one or two workout clothes that are nice, comfortable and trendy. What you wear to the gym should be able to infuse confidence into you.

But don’t over-do it as it might attract the wrong kind of attention.

4. Don’t be paranoid

As a newbie, you are convinced that everybody’s eyes would be on you. But that is simply allowing your worst nightmares to overwhelm you.

Sure, people would look at you. But not for as long as you think. It is not as if they are willing you to fumble so they can have a good laugh at your expense.

Most people who go to gyms are nice folks. They won’t even bother with you. Most of them have more important things to do than look at you. Besides, they were once like you. So try not to be paranoid.

5. Squash the feeling of jealousy

Going to a gym for the first time might generate feelings of jealousy in you. You might be jealous of those huge biceps, pecs, and delts if you are a guy.

For a lady, you might have feelings of jealousy for the shapely ladies with great physique at the gym.

This feeling can contribute to making you too ashamed to workout publicly.

The best way to squash the jealousy is to try and openly admire the fine specimens in front of you. See them as evidence that with hard work you would one day be like them.

You would be amazed at how you’d look forward to going to the gym after some time if you have that attitude.

6. Be focused

ashamed to workout publicly

Practice shutting out the activity around you before you start any workout. One way to do this is to be completely focused on what you do.

Concentrate on the way your body moves and how it is responding to each exercise. That way, any feeling of anxiety would dissipate completely.

Religiously following these tips would surely aid you to overcome the feelings of anxiety related to exercising publicly. Granted that developing a new habit or moving away from your comfort zone is not easy, but sticking to it would give you immense benefits.

And the benefits might not be limited to what you get from your workouts.

We would love to hear from you if you have had to avoid working out publicly due feelings of embarrassment. Did you give up on your dream of working out? Or did you find a way to overcome this feeling? Feel free to use the comment box below.

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