Choosing between High-End and Old-School Gyms

Usually, gyms range from high-tech to hardcore. Understanding the type that provides you with the correct setting for your workouts will definitely boost your chances of success. There are two main types of gyms: the chain gyms and the smaller boutique gyms. Smaller gyms offer fewer services but are usually cozier. The subscriptions also differ with gyms providing better amenities charging higher.

Choosing between High-End and Old-School GymsPeople hit the gym to maintain their fitness, health and also for bodybuilding purposes- muscle growth. The efforts to grow muscles can be complemented by the use of winstrol – stanozolol, an anabolic steroid. Your health, nutrition, and fitness should be among the things worth spending your money on. Regardless of the gym you choose, your fitness goals should come first. An analysis of these two types of gyms would be a good starting point.

High-end gyms

High-end gyms are luxurious gyms where the gym membership subscription usually starts at 100 dollars. Here, every fitness amenity is at your disposal, as long as you are ready to pay subscription fees for them. These gyms usually have the top and latest equipment. They also have other luxurious items like large flat-screen televisions situated in every corner of the facility. In addition, the gyms provide you with scented towels the moment you step into the locker room.

Most of these gyms also offer haircuts, manicures, and pedicures. Members can emerge from the gym after exercise, clean and ready for office. Some of these gyms have welcomed the latest technology by installing retina scanners that ensure only members are allowed to enter. They have everything you might need for your fitness, but remember, dedication and hard work always depends on you.

Old-school gyms

These gyms ask for cheaper membership fees, ranging from 15 to 50 dollars a month. They offer better equipment and a free weight section, but the amenities don’t match that of high-end gyms. These gyms can be dark, smelly, and may need refurbishing. You may not find many impressed with how fit you may think you are or with the branded clothes you’re wearing.

Old-school gyms are usually located in old places bearing a lot of history and character. Once you step into them, you will notice a picture of a bodybuilding legend and broken machines stuffed in the corners of the facility. While some individuals consider such gyms as dumps, others actually love them. This is usually the home, or rather, the dungeon of the hardcore and dedicated.


No matter where you do your workouts, the weights still have the same mass, and you’ll need the same effort to lift them. Spending 150 dollars monthly on a gym membership doesn’t make iron lighter and neither will you lose fats quicker. It all depends on your efforts and how much dedication you offer yourself.

Go to the gym that best suits you. It is recommended that the gym should have your kind of people attending it, and at the same time, provide you with the services that will interest you. Make your choice and try to do it an average of three times a week. You will achieve the desired results quickly.

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