The One Word That Can Help You To Always Lower Your Anxiety

The One Word That Can Help You To Always Lower Your Anxiety

In everyone’s life, there are times we feel so much anxious of things to come especially things that we don’t always like happening to us. We dread of so many things, from relationship break up to marriage failure, from business failure to bankruptcy, from menstrual pain to child labour and the lists go on and on.

There can be no way to totally avoid all of these, some of them are part of our life experiences, though dreaded but there is always a way out of every anxiety we are going to feel.

The One Word That Can Help You To Always Lower Your Anxiety There is this one word so powerful which is based on cognitive therapy strategy for lowering anxiety. As Dr Stanley Hibbs (Anxiety Expert) shared it at a conference, an innovative strategy that involves a powerful anxiety dissolving word. Dr Hibbs’s said; this magic word helps fight discouragement and turns potential disastrous days into productive ones.

This word which you’re about to know about now, is really helpful to your health, as you know the devastating effect of feeling much anxious can do to your total health. The word also help your self-esteem and it can even make you more productive and be a better person as it help lessen the effect of anything you so much dread about.

What exactly is the word I’m talking about here?

This magic one word is “Nevertheless”

I know, you wouldn’t have thought of this, but it looks simple and you can inquire, how nevertheless can help you get over your anxiety?

Don’t worry; I’m going to give you examples of how you can achieve the magic effect of using nevertheless to lower your anxiety.

But before then, I will like to stress further here, why you should make use of nevertheless to help you lessen your anxiety.

You see, the earlier you start using this magic word, the likelihood you’ll begin to experience its power in earnest. Nevertheless will allow you to pause and make you understand that you have options. There are always reasons or excuses to surrender to anxiety and you’ll end up doing what is morally questionable, unproductive and unhealthy. Nevertheless you can still chose to do the right thing.

Did you notice that example of how to use the magic word above? Look at the last paragraph and see what I’m talking about, the example I used there is in the words underlined above.

There is every possibility that you’re still not clear about how this magic word “nevertheless”, can really help you to get over your anxiety and the difficulties that are related to it. Nevertheless, you just give it a try and you’ll likely get to know that the magic word pack a lot of punch to knock out your anxiety.

I have just used another example again in my last sentence.

So, here are more examples for you to really grasp the idea of how to use nevertheless to lessen your anxiety.

“I’m fed up of this marriage; nevertheless, my children are still there to give me comfort”

“I’m tired of this life; nevertheless, my hope is in the Lord”

“I don’t like swallowing these pills because it’s so bitter; nevertheless, it’s going to make me feel better with a resounding health”

“I’m scared of approaching beautiful ladies; nevertheless, they are not going to yell at me”

“I think I might fail this test but, nevertheless, I am going to start studying and give it my best.”

You can start using the magic word “Nevertheless” whenever you feel anxious about something and watch how it does it magic as you continue to use it.

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  1. Its very beautiful and so much encouraging especialy with example that I cant face beautiful ladies but nervertheless I wil go ciz I knw they can’t yellow

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