6 Reasons A Complete Home Gym Is The Best New Year Investment For You

The first time I saw a complete home gym, I wasn’t too impressed. That was mostly down to the fact that I wasn’t interested in gyming or exercises at that point in my life. To me, it was just a novelty. Something people do just for fun.


complete home gym

A few months later, that gym in the corner of my friend’s room was the one thing that made sure I did not suspend my workouts. I had taken up bodybuilding workouts during the summer holiday. But there was the danger that when I got back to school, I would have to stop for two major reasons.

In the first place, school work would take up most of my time. And secondly, I had no idea where I could find a gym in the town the school was located.

But then, I knew Big Joe, who lived in the apartment above mine, had a complete home gym.

Fortunately, by the time I got back from the holiday, Big Joe’s home gym was still functional and he was still exercising actively. I simply joined him. It was fun.

That was when I promised myself that if was it was the last thing I did, I would definitely have a gym right in my apartment in the future. I’m yet to keep that promise though.

But if you have an apartment with enough space, consider getting a complete home gym. Below are some of the reasons it is a worthwhile investment if you love playing around with weights.

Benefits of a complete home gym

1. It is cheaper in the long run

complete home gym

When you register in a gym, one thing you become stuck with is the monthly membership fee.

This is one expense having your own gym at home would completely eliminate. The initial investment might be on the high side. In the long run, the savings you make on the membership fee would make the investment a bargain.

2. You can exercise at any time of the day

Most gyms have a strict schedule for each member. And you have to stick to that schedule. Even if you are allowed to come in at any time, you won’t be able to do so because you have other things to do.

Your complete home gym though gives you the opportunity to use it anytime you feel like. You can roll off the bed and hit the gym first thing in the morning in a matter of seconds. You can do it at night if you don’t feel like sleeping.

And in between these two periods, you can put in some minutes of gym time if you feel like it.

3. You save time

When I started gyming, one of the biggest snags was motivating myself to go there every day. The distance was such a disincentive.

But with your complete home gym, the problem of commuting between your home and the gym is completely erased. That saves you a lot of time to do other things.

4. Privacy is guaranteed

complete home gym

Many people hate going to gyms because of the lack of privacy. Closely related to that is an inability to gym just the way you want.

For instance, there is a bit of pressure to kit up in the latest sneakers, trainers and other personal gyming accessories.

Sometimes, it is even a competition to see who has the best accessories.

At home though, you can exercise naked if you wish. And you can scream and shout as much as you want to. Nobody is going to make fun of you whatever you do or however you appear.

5. Customization

One drawback of public gyms is the lack of made-to-fit equipment. Sometimes, you have to avoid some exercises because the equipment are designed in a way that doesn’t suit your needs.

At home though, you can customize any machine or equipment. Only your creativity or lack of it can stop you from getting any kind of machine you need.

And of course, you can add as many equipment as you wish over time as long as you have enough space.

6. You don’t have to miss your favorite TV show

complete home gym

Though modern gyms do have awesome LED TVs, chances are high that on any given day, the program on air is not your cup of tea.

However, if you have a complete home gym, you can mount a portable TV in your gym space. That way, you would never miss your favorite show. Some people even schedule their gym time when a particular show is on.

So, what is there not to like about having your own complete home gym? This should be the perfect New Year present for those who don’t have one already. What do you think?

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