Why Do I Feel Jealous? Overcome Jealousy By Understanding It

Why Do I Feel Jealous? Overcome Jealousy By Understanding It

Jealousy is the number one problem of most couples today. Why do you feel jealous? Here are some reasons why! [Must Read; Top 5 Tips To Beat Jealousy In Your Love And Relationship Life]


Most often than not, you feel jealous whenever you see your partner become closer to various people. When you find out that they are going out with a new set of friends, you feel that you are being left behind and fear will push you to become jealous. This is why you usually nag and contact him from time to time when he is out with friends. Although this is a natural feeling, fear is never a good reason to make a move. When you fear something, you become frustrated about it and this can greatly affect your relationship. [Try Read; The Truth About How Self Esteem Affect Love And Relationship]

Overcome Jealousy By Understanding ItLack of self-confidence.

One good reason of jealousy is not being able to be confident about your own capabilities. This is why most jealous people are those who are insecure. When you don’t feel good about yourself, you easily become threatened by other people’s achievements and these include your partner. When you feel like your partner is already going to places and accomplishing big things, you will think that you are not worthy of his love no more. In the event that you become insecure about yourself, it is time that you regain the confidence you once had.


This is probably the worst reason of all. Jealousy is called the green eyed monster because this can certainly eat you whole. One reason why you are jealous is due to the fact that you are insecure about the love and care that your partner has for you. When you let insecurity eat you whole, your relationship is in for a big doom.


In the event that your partner has committed a mistake before which causes you to not trust him, it will certainly lead to jealousy. This will come at one point in time. This is due to the fact that you are afraid that your partner might do it again and again. As a result, you get jealous over the simplest things.


As a partner, you are supposed to be supportive of your partner’s achievements. We all know that most couples both have careers and their jobs. At times, jealousy occurs once the other one starts getting a higher salary or a better position than you. For this, it is best to remember that you both are in this together so stop competing with your partner and start being a good partner to him.

Jealousy will never do anything good to a relationship. Whenever you feel jealous, try to figure out why you are feeling that way and start talking yourself out of it.

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