Colour of Roses And Their Meaning In Love And Relationship

Roses can express the feeling of love when words are inadequate to utter out the innermost feelings. A bouquet of colour of roses is believed to be one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

But what most of us don’t know is that roses of different colours pass different messages across with their own unique significance. Well! There is good news for you in this write up, you will get to know about the different colour of roses and what they really signify.

Colour of roses

RED ROSE, which is the most common colour, truly signifies the love, romance and intense passion of a lover. It’s a popular belief that roses are the perfect window to a refined expression.

It is a lover’s favorite flower and hot-pick for love struck-couples. Fiancé give it to their Fiancée, Boyfriend prefers it over any other gift and husbands love to surprise their wives by presenting rose bunches to celebrate their love.

Rose Day, Valentine’s Day, Marriage anniversary, Birthday or Courtship period, roses speak their own language of love. A bouquet of a dozen red roses is a way of saying, “I love you”.

PINK ROSES represent elegance and refinement. The darker shade of the pink rose symbolizes gratitude and admiration. A lighter shade of the pink rose symbolizes respect and understanding.
The valentine season has all the colors of roses for you to select the most appropriate one to be given with true feelings.

YELLOW ROSES; signify happiness and cheerfulness also conveying your message of love and care. Combinations of red and yellow roses together indicate cheerful and happy feelings.
The sunny color of a yellow rose symbolizes friendship, and caring. In Victorian times, it symbolized jealousy. Today it is used to convey warmth and affection.
It can mean familiar love and domestic happiness, as in the song, the Yellow rose of Texas. It can also symbolize freedom. Yellow roses were used during Desert Storm in the nineties to represent freedom.

ORANGE ROSES; Orange is brighter than yellow, but not quite red. It’s the color of enthusiasm and desire. Send orange roses if you feel you’re beginning to feel attraction for someone.
It’s a color that can symbolize admiration and attraction, and a blooming desire. It can also mean “I’m proud of you”.  The various shades of an orange rose make the valentine day special. Dark or deep orange indicates unconscious beauty while a lighter shade signifies passion and desire.

WHITE ROSES; White is a symbol of purity, humility, truth, and innocence. It can symbolize platonic love. It can also mean loyalty, “I am worthy of you”. White roses can symbolize new beginnings and marriage, and young love.
In Scotland, a white rose blooming in autumn symbolized an early marriage. White roses are also known as bridal roses, because they are traditional at weddings.
Here they represent unity, virtue, and the pureness of new love. They can also represent secrecy. A resistance group in Bavaria, Germany during WWII was called The White Rose.
White roses can also be used in remembrance, because they can symbolize honor and reverence, and heavenliness.

BLUE ROSES; The blue rose remained elusive throughout years of breeding. White roses are placed into water with blue dye to turn them blue.
Researchers finally genetically engineered a rose with the blue pigment producing gene, but it is more of a mauve color than blue. These symbolize the mysterious, fantasy, or new possibilities. It can mean the impossible, or love beyond reach.

PURPLE is historically the color of majesty, and purple roses can mean enchantment. It can also mean “love at first sight”.

CREAM ROSES; mean charm, thoughfulness, and gracefulness.

Besides the various singular colors, there are the hybrid tea roses that have a unique meaning of their own. These roses signify unforgettable memories of your loved one.

  • Two roses stalked together to figure a single stem are symbolic of a relationship of commitment or the upcoming of a marriage.
  • A yellow rose with red tips signifies friendship turning into love.
  • Peach roses signify appreciation, gratitude, and modesty.
  • A bouquet of rosebuds: Can symbolize innocent love, and mean, “You will always be young and beautiful”
  •  A bouquet of mature roses: Expresses gratitude.
  • A single rose: Can mean, “I still love you” or “Thank you”.
  •  Two roses entwined: means“Marry me”
  • Red & White Roses Mixed: Expresses unity or engagement
  • Red & Yellow Roses Mixed: Happiness & Celebration
  • White & Yellow Mixed: Sybmolizes harmony
The very word roses, reminds us of the beautiful emotions that human beings have ever experienced. Roses have never failed to depict the love, romance and passion within a relationship.
When someone in love thinks of flowers, the first and last thing that comes in his/her mind is roses
I hope this write up will help you in chosen the right roses as the occasion demand.
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