Relationship Pitfall To Avoid In Your Love And Relationship Life

Relationship Pitfall To Avoid In Your Love And Relationship Life

There are lots of cracks around every relationship but the ability to notice them and have it amended is what that keeps so many successful relationships up and running today. What is relationship pitfall? Definitely it is those loophole in our daily relationship activities that keep on staring at us every time. The loopholes will always be there but the ability and power to avoid them lied in our hand, failure to recognize them on time may put so much pressure in our relationship and if care is not taking, it can lead to separation. Separating from one partner will never put it away because if we go on establishing another relationship with other people, it will reoccur again and again. Recognize those pitfall and avoid them is just the best way for a long lasting relationship.
Avoid These Relationship Pitfall

Lack of Intimacy:

Yes! Intimacy is very crucial in our relationship, is one of the greatest relationship pitfall because failure to get enough closeness to your partners signifies that such relationship in on the break. Nothing will seem working no matter how you try fixing things, until you get the much desire intimacy with your partner. If you want to doubt it, create distance with you partner and see how it goes. You will be surprise on the outcome of such distances. Except if your house is not in order before, that will even enhance break up or separation.

Not Responsible:

This is another relationship pitfall; responsibilities carry a much bigger weight in our relationship, if one party is not being responsible for his or her part. Not being responsible mean you don’t care for your relationship, and if you don’t care anymore, why stay together, why not separate and let each one of you be free. Play your part well and be responsible at all time for all your actions

The most prevalent problem for couples is division of labour. Resentments inevitably peak when one partner feels like they’re tackling more tasks and working harder. “They may compare and become competitive or defensive about their responsibilities, schedules or the pros and cons of their work or role. You will need to map out what is your role in the house and remember fairness to each other will help ease the responsibilities in the house; when you’re being fair remember that every relationship require give and take.

What other pitfall in relationship do you think is very necessary to be avoided? Share your view with us using the comment form below.

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