17 Ways Lifting Weights Can Change Your Life For Good

lifting weights can change your life
Ask any dude lifting weights how they started. The most likely answer is all about bulging muscles and all. Sadly, most people on the outside feel the same way. Only a few people know that lifting weights can change your life in many other ways.
I remember when I decided to make going to the gym a part of my daily routine. My motivations were simple. I was just a scrawny youth and wanted to bulk up.
There was no thought of changing my life. Even the health benefits of weightlifting and exercises were never a part of the equation. I wanted bigger muscles.
Thing was, size-wise, my girlfriend was a lot bigger than me. And knowing that we might end up fighting someday, I wanted to make sure I won the fight without a doubt.
Gosh, I hit the gym with a ferocity and determination I have since never applied to any other venture. The results were astounding. After two dedicated months, I had the biceps, pecs and shoulders I wanted. They were bulging.
What I didn’t realize immediately was that lifting weights changed me in other ways too. In retrospect, I can clearly see how my life changed because of that. And I’m still reaping the benefits even though I hardly go to the gym these days.
So if you want to know how lifting weights can change your life apart from the bulging muscles, just read on.

1. Your clothes become better on you

lifting weights can change your life
Have you noticed how most male models tend to look good in any sort of clothes? That would also happen to you once you get into the habit of lifting weights.
Formerly you clothes tend to hang loosely on your frame. You have to do a lot of shaping to make them fit. But when you lift weights, you fill them out like those male models.
These clothes would now look as if they were custom made for you. People would start commenting about how you look good.

2. You become an all-rounder in many other activities

This is one of the most obvious ways lifting weights can change your life for good. You would suddenly realize that other activities become easy to do especially if they involve brawns.
Now, your mates would begin to see you as the sort of person to have on their team. That is if they are serious about winning a particular contest. You become a hot cake.
You can imagine how that would boost your confidence and self-worth.

3. Life becomes a whole lot easier

lifting weights can change your life
Obviously, your intention of lifting weights was just to bulk up. But one of the unintended benefits is that you become fitter and healthier. All those constant reps with the barbells and whatnot are just like aerobics.
You would notice that you can now do heavy, physical exercises without being out of breath. You would now be able to climb those annoying steps with getting tired easily.
You can now take a brisk stroll at any time with getting exhausted. And you wouldn’t think twice about carrying something heavy for a lady. Talk about making you a better gentleman!

4. You eliminate lifestyle diseases from your life

By being dedicated to lifting weights, lifestyle diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, obesity and stroke become foreign to your nature.
These are diseases that can be avoided by changing your lifestyles. But even without stopping some bad lifestyle choices, lifting weights can seriously mitigate the impact of those diseases on you.
What this means is that you would live longer and have a far more productive life.

5. You get to meet fit and confident ladies

lifting weights can change your life
Okay, it is clear that some dudes go to gyms to meet ladies or show off. But, it is not your fault that confident and very fit ladies also like going to the gym.
It is possible some of the ladies came there to meet a guy like you.
So whatever it is, it is a win-win situation for you and some lucky lady. Already you both have something in common and can hit it off immediately.
The thing about women like that: they are the sort of who know how to take responsibility. Women like that in your life would only make you a better person.
Other ways lifting weights can change your life include
6. You become better in bed
8. You become a very confident person
9. People avoid confrontation with you because of your bulging muscles
10. You learn how to ignore pain and just push on
11. You get more attention from the ladies
12. You learn how to be live outside your comfort zone
lifting weights can change your life
13. You meet more dudes who are also interested in improving the quality of their lives
14. You now see that hard work pays off
15. You learn how to set goals for yourself and how important achieving them is to a making a success of any task
16. You become your number one fan as your self-belief grows
17. You learn to overcome fear and unnecessary doubts
With all these ways lifting weights can change your life, you don’t have a reason not to start doing it. Or, if you are already into it, you now have much more reasons to keep doing it.
Do you like lifting weights? Have you noticed any difference in your life since you started lifting weights? Please hit us up with your comments. And please remember to share this on Facebook or Twitter with your friends.

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