4 Easy Bodyweight Exercises To Do Anywhere

4 Easy Bodyweight Exercises To Do Anywhere

Body weight exercises are the best kind of strength training exercises. The last thing you need to do to increase your strength is to go to a gym. Also, the best part about these full body exercises is, they do not even require any weight or equipment.

It is your own weight that provides the resistance for the movement. Thus, making them perfect to do them anywhere and anytime. If you are looking forward to begin with a bodyweight routine, then begin with the best ones given below, to see results faster than any other.Easy Bodyweight Exercises

1. The Walking Lunge

Walking lunges is one of the best full body exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime. It not just only improves the core stability, but also tones gluteal muscles, boosts hip flexibility & functionality and simultaneously improves balance.

Sets: 4 Reps: 20

All you need to do is stand with your feet, shoulder width apart with the hands on the waist. Step forward with your left leg lowering your hips towards the floor. Bend both the keens at 90 degree angle and touch the right knee to the ground and the left should be directly over the ankle.

Go back to the starting point and back into the same position with the left leg forward. Once you master this basic form, dumbbells of various sizes and weight can be added to increase the level of the exercise.

2. The Classic Push Up

This full body exercise push up is the to-go exercise. The best part about it is, it requires no equipment and yet builds strength in all the required places. For ages it has been used as a strength test, punishment and also to impress people.

Sets: 4 Reps: 12

Begin by keeping your palms firmly on the ground, arms at shoulder width apart and straight. Point your elbows towards the toes. Now, lower your chest towards the floor until the elbows form a 90 degree angle.

Stay for a second and then push yourself up using your arms and palms only. Try other variations of this classic exercise such as one arm push up, wide grip push up, single leg push up etc. once you get comfortable with it.

3. The Amazing Squats

Even though when squats are considered by many as leg exercise, it is also an exercise for full body movement that works almost every single muscle group in the body. Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain strength, squats are the best and the fastest way to achieve it.

Sets: 4 Reps: 15-20

Easy Bodyweight Exercises Keep your feet shoulder width apart and arms by your side. Start to lower the body by pushing the hips back as far as you can, bend the knees and raise the arms in front to balance the body. Keep your back straight and the lower body parallel to the floor. Hold the position for a second and then lift back up in a controlled movement.

4. The Forever Planks

Planks is the ultimate exercise to build your core, upper & lower body. This makes it perfect for the full body workout. Doing this exercise regularly can significantly improve the flexibility by stretching the muscles along with the posture. This is a full body exercise, recommended to people of every age.

Sets: 4 Reps:  30-60 second hold

Start by getting into the press up position and bend your elbows to rest your weight onto your forearms. Form a straight line from head to toe. Make sure not to arch the back and in the meanwhile suck your stomach in and hold this position for as long as you can.

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