5 Signs You Would Have A Heart Attack Long Before You Do

A friend died recently from heart-related issues. It is news like this that gives the impression that having a heart attack is inevitable. It is not. And signs you would have a heart attack can be as clear as the fact you can clearly see your hand on a bright day if you put it in front of you.

you would have a heart attack

Now, this is a young man. He had no business having a heart attack. But because he chosed and persisted in a particular lifestyle, he paid  for it.

Several years ago, while I was still struggling to increase the size of my biceps in the gym, I heard a friend suffered from stroke. I was shocked.

I mean, I’d always thought things like this only happened to old people. Here I was, bursting my lungs in the gym while a friend was being hospitalized for stroke. Can you beat that?

Apparently, the dude had being drinking a lot and living the life. That should explain it. After all, problems like that have to do with lifestyle choices.

However, even with bad choices, knowing the signs you would have a heart attack can save you a lot of grief later.

But just knowing the warning signals is not enough. Doing something about them is why we all need the knowledge. Not acting makes the knowledge completely useless.

The following are the 6 signs you would have a heart attack.

Tightness and Chest pain

you would have a heart attack

This is one of the clearest clearest early warning signs you would have a heart attack soon.

Many people tend to ignore tightness or pressure on the  chest because they might feel it’s normal or just something that would pass after a little massage.

And as a matter of fact, this pressure or pain would pass after a few seconds.

But then, this is your body warning you that a heart attack is imminent. It is now left for you to take action. Even if it turns out to be nothing after seeing the doctor, at least you did something to clear out the mystery of the strange pressure and pain in your chest.

Difficulty in breathing

you would have a heart attack

This goes hand in hand with the chest pain. A typical symptom of a full blown heart attack is difficulty in breathing as any in-drawn breathe causes serious pain.

When you find yourself taking in short, fast breaths at anytime, especially after you’d felt pains or pressure in and around your chest, it a a sign you would soon have a heart attack.

Though the symptom would disappear with the disappearance of the chest pain, it is best not to ignore it. Again seeing a heart specialist is your best bet.

Feeling faint and dizzy

you would have a heart attack

It is well known that one of the causes of heart attack is insufficient flow of blood to the brain.

Dizziness and feeling faint is also a classic case that you would have a heart attack soon. The dizziness is your brain reacting to the momentary lack of oxygen to the cells of the brain.

Easily tired and exhausted

you would have a heart attack

Tiredness and exhaustion results from the muscles in the body not getting enough blood and oxygen to produce energy.

A person on the verge of a heart attack would notice they easily get exhausted after doing a minor, mundane chore, that on normal occasions, wouldn’t be a problem.

So if you get exhausted after lifting just a few files to a different office, I guess it might be time to see your doctor asap. This is a probable sign you would soon have a heart attack. Especially, if you don’t have any other health issues to contend with.

Cold symptoms

you would have a heart attack

Generally, cold symptoms and flu beset us from time to time. So having a bad cough, persistent sniffing, headaches and other symptoms of flu could just just be something that is normal.

On other hand though, taken in concert with the other warning sings, cold symptoms and flu may indicate you would have a heart attack soon.

Again, cold symptoms and flu indicate the onset of heart attack if you have experienced all the other signs above. Otherwise, it is just something that can be taken care of by a good sleep and adequate rest.

I want to reiterate again that I find it distressing seeing people taken down by illnesses that could be prevented easily. Heart attack is one of them especially if you are young.

If you eat the right diet instead of engorging yourself with food anyhow; take exercises regularly and periodically go for medical examination, there is no reason to have a heart attack.

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