5 Reasons Creating Good Memories with Your Partner Is Awesome!

Many times, there is the temptation to consider memories as the single most important thing in life. At least, outside of stuff like food and basic needs to keep alive. That is why relationships therapists insist that creating good memories with your partner could be the best things you ever did.

Creating Good Memories with Your Partner

This reminded me of the time I bumped into a married ex. I thought it was going to be one of those awkward moments where two people have nothing to say to each other.

You know how it is? After that initial breezy hellos about how long it’s been and then the uncomfortable silence……. At that point, only the best diplomats or rude people know how to extricate themselves from such situations.

Well, the memories of our time together came to our rescue. We ended up talking for over an hour about the good times. It was so much fun reminiscing about the past with her. For a fleeting moment or two, I even wondered why we broke up if we can be so happy in each other’s company.

That is how memories can trick you about the past. Especially if you had several good ones. The bad ones tend to be pushed somewhere dark and difficult to access.

Read on to see instances where creating memories together with your partner is such a wonderful thing.

Why creating good memories with your partner is awesome

1. When the relationship is going through a rough patch

Creating Good Memories with Your Partner

People who’d been in relationships for long know there are many things that can put heavy strains on the affair. Sometimes, something innocuous and silly can test the resolve of both parties to stick to the affair.

These are the periods when the memories you shared could be the thing that saves the relationship from going over the brink. Just the thought that you want more of the same can make you decide to go on with the affair.

Sometimes, the overwhelming feeling is just this: your partner is the only person that gave you those good times you had in the past. You don’t really want to lose that or go through the misery of looking for somebody else to recreate those feelings or memories with.

2. Stale Relationships

Creating Good Memories with Your Partner

Relationships become stale and uninspiring when we begin to take so much of it for granted. It happens to the best of us.

The bad news is, people do break up for that reason alone. The search for excitement and new things outside can lead to the total collapse of a relationship.

The memories you created with your partner though can bail you out. Seriously, sometimes all you need to do is sit back and think of all the things you did together.

That could be your inspiration for a heart to heart talk with your partner. Remind them of those times. Then talk about how you think the relationship can get better going forward by repeating the same things in one way or the other.

If your partner’s eyes don’t light up at the thought, then there must be something seriously and irrevocably wrong with the affair.

3. When you are alone

Creating Good Memories with Your Partner

This is one time creating memories together with your partner would really help you out. No matter how social you are, there are times when you become very lonely.

This could be because your partner is away for one reason or the other. And for some reasons, your friends and family are not around.

If you’d been creating good memories with your partner, your loneliness or ‘alone state won’t last long. You’d discover the real meaning of how time flies when you are having fun.

A fly on the wall would think you are going crazy out of loneliness with the way you are smiling and laughing all alone. Of course, the fly is not privy to your wonderful  thoughts of all the things you did with your partner

Your ‘new partner’ is your happy thoughts.

4. Could be the one thing to keep you faithful

Creating Good Memories with Your Partner

The temptation to cheat on your partner could be obliterated by your memories.

It is common to always compare any new person we meet to see how they measure up with our partners. Things might stray to that dangerous point where you start planning to meet this new person on the sly.

Hopefully, what could stop you from going any further is the simple fact that this new love interest doesn’t measure up in terms of the excitement you had with your partner.

So creating good memories with your partner can be the bulwark against unwanted relationships. Every other relationship would seem insipid or dry in comparison.

5. The catalyst for a comeback with an ex

Creating Good Memories with Your Partner

This seems rather obvious to me. I have discovered that the one thing that brings exes back together again is the memories of their time together.

Okay, lest put it in another way. If the memories you have of your ex are bad and hurtful, would you contemplate the thought of reliving those times again?

On the other hand, it is a no brainer to get back with an ex you have fond memories of. Or an ex who gave you the most awesome time of your life. Why did you guys even split up in the first place you’d ask yourself?

There are many other reasons why creating good memories with your partner can be good for the future of your affair. The bottom line though is, never take the things you do with your partner for granted.

On the other hand, never miss an opportunity to do things with your partner. What you do at the moment might seem blasé, but they are an investment in the future of your relationship and your happiness.

So tell us what you think about what you just read. Or tell us how you go about creating good memories with your partner and the love of your life in the comments section below.

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