Lose Stomach Fat In Five Days With This Simple Beverage

Stomach fat is the most difficult to get rid of I tell you. To my eternal mortification, I have gathered quite of few pounds of them around my midriff . I don’t know what what I did to deserve that. Honestly.



belly fat

I mean I’d never gorged on unhealthy foods like most of my friends. I invested a lot of time in all sorts of exercises. I am very famous for my bulging biceps and intimidating deltoids. The least my body should do was to spare me that extra flesh around my stomach, right?

Or maybe it is all in the genes. Sometimes no matter what you do, you just can’t escape stomach fat. Even Brad Pitt,  that obscenely handsome actor, is famous for hating his love handles. And this is a guy so fit you’d think he spends all day in the gym if he is not running around a movie set trying to earn a living.

Anything to eliminate stomach fat is bread and butter to me. So when I came across this simple remedy to eliminate stomach fat, I decided to share it. The best part is, you don’t even have to sweat your way out of it.

Just a simple drink composed of Lemon, parsley and water in the right mix.

stomach fatWe all know lemon has several uses as healthy home remedies. For instance it can be used to make your breath nice If you suffer a mild form of halitosis. It is very rich in vitamin C and is very good in reducing the effects of sun damage to your skin.

People with oily face and spots on their skin have found lemon to be helpful. This are just the few things lemon can do for you and these are very common knowledge I suppose.

But what about parsley? I had to do a little research to know the benefits of parsley. At the end, I felt, not for the fist time, seriously ignorant about quite a few things. Oh well, I guess we learn everyday.

Some of the benefits of Parsley include

  • stomach fatlowering the risk of getting cancer
  • It boosts the immune system
  • Helps in lessening the pains associated with arthritis
  • It has strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • It has several important nutrients like folic acid for healthier hearts
  • It is good in fighting diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and atherosclerosis
  • It protects the blood vessels from damaged caused by high levels of homocysteine
  • It is a very good detoxtifier for the body and
  • It is a very good in prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections

That is quite a lot for that simple herb. I guess nature has really given us all we need to take care of our health. If only we knew where to look for these simple remedies

So, a combination of parsley and lemon should be quite potent I am sure. That needs to be investigated further. For now though, we are restricting ourselves to making a nice healthy drink that is refreshing and at the same time will destroy that unsightly stomach fat we carry around

How to make Beverage to Lose Stomach fat

For your ingredients, you need just the following

  • About 60g of parsely
  • Lemon and
  • Water

When you have these ingredients ready, making the drink is easier than a walk in the park.

  • First, you need to chop the parsley into small pieces, then put it in a bowl.
  • Cut a small piece at the top of the Lemon so you can squeeze the juice out. Squeeze the juice out of the Lemon onto the chopped parsley in the bowl
  • Add about 230ml of water to the Lemon-parsley mixture in the bowl.

That is all. You are now ready to lose a good chunk of that stomach fat in five days.

All you have to do is drink the beverage on an empty stomach for five consecutive days. If you need to take more, you have to take a break of 10 days before repeating the process for another 5 days.

Stomach fatHow it Works

You recall all the benefits of Parsley and lemon we mentioned earlier? Well they both combine together to help reduce stomach fat by

  • Increasing the metabolism of the body to burn excess calories
  • Improves digestion and aid the body in expelling fluids making you feel less bloated

So, would you try this simple method of losing stomach fat fast? If you have a better way to do it or something else to say about stomach fat, do tell us in our Facebook page or Twitter handle. The comments section below would do just fine too. Cheers.

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