Simple Home Remedies That Actually Work Miracles For You (2)

Some simple home remedies can be very controversial. The lack of scientific evidence is mostly the sole reason some of them are dismissed outright by right-thinking folks. ¬†Seriously, I’d dismiss them myself. Not because they lack a basis in science, but because some are just gross.

Simple home remedies

After reading yesterday’s eye opener about simple home remedies that one doesn’t have to break sweat to do, a friend felt he had to improve my knowledge on simple home remedies. Some people don’t know when to keep their mouths shut I tell you. These things he told me were so weird my skin is still crawling thinking about them. One (this is the least weirdest, I am sensitive to people’s feelings. Unlike my friend) of the simple home remedies he told me was to use urine to cure earaches. Just a few drops into your ear is enogh.Yuck! Apparently, even the great Elvis Presley suffered this method of treating earache when he was a kid. His mum was a great believer in folk treatment for ailments.

No thanks. I’d rather stick to stuff that doesn’t leave me squelching my face in disgust. Like the ones coming up now.

Treat warts with duck tape

simple home remediesUnlike putting a few drops of urine in your ear, the use of duct tapes would never be in the ‘gross’ ball park. Though what you are treating with the duct tape can be gross. Yes, warts can be gross and disgusting. And some of the chemicals and methods some people use to treat can be equally disgusting. That is the length people go to treat them. They are things you don’t want on your smooth skin if you can help it.

For mild forms of warts, duct tape can do the trick effectively. Cover the wart with a piece of duct tape for a week. At the end of the week, remove the duct tape. Clean the area thoroughly with pumice stone. Cover the wart again with a new piece of duct tape and leave it for a week. Repeat the same process at the end of the week until the wart disappears. The duct tape treatment works because it deprives the wart of oxygen, effectively killing it gradually.


simple home remediesI could go on and on about the the numerous ways you can use Toothpaste outside of your mouth. That is a story for another day I promise. But for now, the question is, ‘Do you know you can treat bug bites with toothpaste?’ Most likely you don’t. Well, a tiny amount of the paste on the bite can instantly bring relieve to the pain, sting or itch of bugs like mosquitoes or ants. The implicated substance is the peppermint oil in the toothpaste. The cooling effect of the oil does the trick here.

However, if you have peppermint oil just lying in the house, you can rub it on the bite instead of toothpaste. It works equally well. For some people, the answer to the question, ‘Do you know you can treat bug bites with toothpaste?’ is, ‘Yes. And I also know many other uses of toothpaste that doesn’t involve brushing your teeth.’ Again that is a whole story for another day.

simple home remediesTeabags

I bet when you read about teabags the other day, you never expected it to pop up in simple home remedies. This is like a reminder that your good old teabags are very effective in treating burns. For more details and other great uses of teabags, do read up that enlightening piece on the uses of tea bags.


simple home remediesI won’t say this is my favorite. But it is definitely one of my best simple home remedies. You see, I love chocolates. And this gives me a reason to eat them. The chemical known as Theobromine is indicted in the treatment of cough. Theobromine is responsible for calming the nerves responsible for initiating a good cough in you.

Dark chocolate contains a lot of Theobromine. As a matter of fact, just 60grams of chocolate contains two times the amount of Theobromine found in cough syrubs and drugs bought at the local drug store. There, I have given you a reason to eat chocolate. But of course, binging on it is very bad though.


simple home remediesTalk of saving the best for last. This is my absolute favorite home remedy. I love yogurt. And I don’t need an excuse to eat it. If you don’t know, yogurt is great for yeast infections and other things of course. Yeast infections can lead to an unhealthy balance in your body pH levels. Yogurt restores that balance because the beneficial bacteria in yogurt produces enough chemicals to restore your pH to normal levels; effectively killing the yeast infection.

I had to keep this yogurt thing short to go and eat the bowl of yogurt waiting for me in the fridge. And remember to send us your thoughts on simple home remedies your know. No matter how weird. Or gross.

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