Freshen Your Breath Naturally With These 6 Simple Ways

When people see the words, ‘freshen your breath’ their first instinct is to check if their breath stinks. It is easy to do; just gush out a small blast of air through your mouth and almost simultaneously, breathe in through your nose. I do it all the time. Your lower lips must be curved in a way that directs the gust of air towards your nose. Another method is to cup your palms over your mouth and nose. Breath out through your mouth.Then breath in through your nose. I dislike this method though. It’s almost like telling the whole world what you are doing.

freshen your breath

One reason I stopped going to church very early in the morning was because of bad breath. The last time I went (and to be honest, the first time), everybody around me had bad breath.

And they didn’t care. Opening their mouths and singing as loudly as they can. Making my life a misery. My thought was, how long would it take these hard working men and women to just use some toothpaste before heading to church. I did. And I didn’t come late.

Halitosis is the medical term used when the problem goes beyond a simple toothpaste issue. That is one bummer of a problem. Here is a scenario for you: what if the one of the couples in a wedding had halitosis and forgot to freshen their breath. ‘

You may now kiss the bride’ is going to be really uncomfortable for somebody. Seriously, to freshen your breath is not really hard. And the benefits, as far as your social life is concerned, are immense. There are several ways to freshen your breath, but these simple methods can do the trick for your perfectly.

bad-breath4Brush, Brush, Brush

I guess that goes without saying. Normally you don’t need any fancy toothpaste to freshen your breath. A good toothpaste with fluoride and mint is very effective. Brushing before going to bed and after meals too is good. And of course, dental hygiene is the primary reason you brush teeth regularly.

Floss to Freshen Your Breath

freshen your breathFlossing is easy, convenient and unfortunately not very common. People hate bits of food getting between their teeth, but generally don’t bother to floss. Left over food stuck between the teeth is a good cause of bad breath. Flossing is also effective in removing plaque and improves the health of your gums.

Never Ignore Your Tongue

freshen your breathThe tongue is a prime candidate for little things to hide in. The rough surface of the tongue ensures that. If your can get a tongue scrapper, use it frequently in addition to using to toothbrush in the mornings. Scrapping the tongue removes all those tiny bits comfortably nestling on you tongue. The benefit is breath that smells nice.

Freshen Your Breath With Mint Leaves

freshen your breathMint leaves have very many uses. One of the uses is to freshen your breath. If you don’t mind chewing raw leaves, you won’t have a problem using this method to freshen your breath. It is especially good to mask the smell of garlic some people find awful. For best results, swallow them after chewing. The leaves are good for digestion too. So you have an extra incentive to chew and swallow.

Baking Soda Magic

I know for a fact that a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean the teeth to make them whiter. But again, using baking soda alone is good as an instant mouth freshener. A teaspoon of the soda mixed water and used to swish the mouth promotes good breath anytime.

Lemon Plus a Little Salt

freshen your breathThis method is really effective too. Especially if you are not one of those who believe salty food is bad for your health. It is actually too much salt that is bad. Just like everything else. Except love maybe. We can never get enough of that. To freshen your breath with lemon, just sprinkle a little salt on a slice of lemon and chunk it into your mouth. Bite. Hmm… refreshing!

I am a 110% sure there are other equally effective ways of keeping your breath fresh. What works for you? Or do you know of any novel way of doing it? We would like to know your thoughts on that.

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