7 Ideas For Men Dating An Older Woman

7 Ideas For Men Dating An Older Woman

Why should a young man decide to date an older woman? Yes! There are more reasons why men date older women than them. Older women are more mature and financially independent. Dating an older woman should give you the assurance that you have the best for you and free from the stress of girls in their twenties. There is a need to be the man in the relationship, mature enough and be confident enough to date an older woman. Here are key secrets that will help you get to date an older woman.

7 Ideas For Men Dating An Older WomanBeing assertive in the relationship

Many old women know what they want in a relationship, and this is not the time to be shy. There is a need to be assertive and state what you want with confidence. Ask her out with confidence and make her know that you are with her. Most women regardless of age find it sexier to date a man who knows what he wants.

Avoid labels        

Older women find it offensive when referred to as cougar’ in a relationship. At all times avoid this terms that might make her feel offended and valueless in the relationship. It is good to make her get what she yawn for. She needs to know she is loved and that you value her. Some terms might make her feel insecure and not respected and, therefore, end the relationship that might not be well on your side.

Ignore the Age Gap                                                                 

Many a times you have been told age is just but a number, exactly! This is the right time to believe this say. Treat it as a principle and not just a cliché. You should ignore the age difference and treat her like she’s most cherished and adorable lady that she is. Be there to listen to her complain and avoid assuming she is more mature to understand, of course, she needs a shoulder to lean on, and you are all she has got. Stating that she is older doesn’t add any salt as she is already aware of that.

Take it slow and do not hurry things

The mistake most men make is assuming that the older women only need sex when they get into a relationship with younger men. Though this may be the point to some, there is need to know your woman more. Learn about her outside life and what she likes most. This makes her feels you care more and makes her feel comfortable in a relationship. Even if you feel that sex is all she needs, don’t be too first to judge.as that might not be the case.

Show off your humor

When dating older women, humor and a bit of sarcasm can to a greater extend ensure success, therefore, try and inject the two into a relationship at the right moments. Psychology says that people who know how to use humor in a conversation are mostly intelligent and who doesn’t want an intelligent man? It is important to know that older women also want to have a great time and fun. They will not want to have that boring and only sexual relationship, therefore, try and cheer them up.

Never break promises made to her

Many cougars have had a bad side of dating immature lads who do not keep their promises. It doesn’t matter whether she is just looking for a fling, what is important here is that you need to play your part. Be solid and keen to keep your promises. This is the little things that count. If you cannot keep a promise, then do not make it as it portrays the level of immaturity in you.

Try and be a good conversationalist

Older women prefer men who can hold mature conversations when it comes to dating. This gives her an assurance that you are mature enough to engage in a relationship. It is important to go in depth with your date to show her that you know what you are talking about as most consider young men not to be mature enough to hold any meaningful conversation. With this, she is most likely going to be surprised by your level of maturity and treat you as a serious partner.

Tease and challenge her

This is a crucial step that you cannot afford to miss when you want to date older women. Dare her confidently and make her know what you want in a teasing manner. This lets her know that you are your own man and have the ability to do most daring things she would like in a man.

The application of the above ideas will land you that cougar you are hitting on within your vicinity but be warned not to apply then in a manner to let her know you are applying book knowledge, and they are not from you. This will help you get your new catch in the next two weeks and hey! Did you know that older women are mature and more understanding? Now you know.

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