3 Questions to Ask about Your Relationship Emotional Health

A healthy relationship is the relationship that all is well with, physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. So many people are into relationship today with one form of deformity of healthy relationship. All the aspect of healthy relationship (physical, mental, social and emotional) has a significant role they play toward a successful relationship.

In this article I’m going to talk on the relationship emotional health.

3 Questions to Ask about Your Relationship Emotional HealthRelationship emotional health is very important just as other aspect of healthy relationship, the fact remain that, relationship emotional health is the bedrock of every successful relationship. If you’re into a relationship, you must take this very serious else, you might waste away your time with someone which is not meant for you and will never mean for you even if you try to endure the relationship emotional health.

Ask yourself these 3 fundamental relationship emotional health questions. If you can provide the right answer to these three questions, then, you will be able to take charge of your relationship emotional health.

The Questions Are

  1. Your relationship emotional health is it “Conditional or Unconditional?”
  2. The relationship emotional health in which you are into is it “Controlling or Equal and Supportive?”
  3. Ask yourself that your relationship emotional health is it “Mostly Physical or Attraction on Many Levels?”

Conditional or unconditional, controlling or equal and supportive, and Mostly physical or attraction. These are all what you need to figure out for yourself to actually determine your relationship emotion health,

Are you into that relationship on condition? Or probably there is no string attached, you’re not into the relationship because of pity or monetary kind of condition? If your relationship emotional health is good enough, you must have no condition why you’re into that relationship.

Your relationship emotional health must not be controlling, else you’re doom in such relationship because it cannot do you any good and it wouldn’t last long. Every good relationship emotional health is bound to be supportive and of equal control, that is both of you have a say in that relationship.

The third one here should be taken with all seriousness just like the other two above it, this is because lot of people go for physical attraction and believing that every other things will fall into place. Don’t allow your relationship emotional health to be based mostly on physical attractiveness but let it be attraction at all level. It is in this way you can be assured of a good relationship emotional health.

Go now and ask yourself with these three questions, what is the state of your relationship emotional health.

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