Avoid This Head Game That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Avoid This Head Game That Can Destroy Your Relationship

I will love to start this article by giving you a very good and understandable definition of what head game is all about.

Head Game in its ordinary sense is a kind of psychological manipulation to get someone confuses or gets them deceived. In relationship term, urban dictionary put it this way – Someone’s lack of clearness or honesty in a relationship, with the purposeful orientation of confusing the partner and prompting stronger affection as well as emotional dependence in him/her.

Having defined what head game is all about, did you at one time assume you know what’s on your partner’s mind and end up on the wrong side? I know you would have done it and probably continue doing it which I hope will stop after reading this article, everyone does it, I have done it in the past which has really affected my relationship, I don’t do it anymore because I found out that it will ruin my long term relationship.

Avoid This Head Game That Can Destroy Your RelationshipThere is danger in our assumption most of the time when we are trying to read what’s on our partner’s mind (head game), it make us to behave in a certain way that put question mark on our relationship and it won’t allow us to build a stronger and healthy relationship.

Why is playing the assumption kind of head game can ruins your relationship

Here is why it can ruin your relationship and I want to explain it with specific example;

Tony and Tina were in a relationship, although Tony is deeply in love with Tina but whenever Tina called Tony, Tony doesn’t pick up the cell phone immediately, the reason was that, he’s afraid of showing too much about how he loves Tina as the relationship is just at the initial stage, and so, he purposefully delayed picking up her call and also returning her phone call. Tony’s response here is based on assumption which I’m sure Tina won’t like it, she’ll love immediate response from Tony.

Now both of them have been in the relationship for long term now and they believe they understand each other better, yet when Tony return from work late, Tina begin to assume he’s probably seeing another woman outside. Tony also has formed an assumption that, whenever Tina is showing him too much affection, she needs a very strong favour from him. And both of them continue with this mind game.

Sometimes, a head game gambler thought, she’s paying him back because he does not allow her to attend her friend’s birthday party and that was why she doesn’t prepare the dinner on time. This is all about playing head game which is not good for the relationship.

Tony might come home slightly late than he use to before, maybe because of traffic or some office assignment that delay him. Tina may be tire or get carried away as she’s listening to an entertaining programme from the radio. But both of them assume it to be another thing and the bad thing about such assumption is that, they’ll sometime be forced to believe in their assumption which will lead them to behave irrational.

This head game “Assume” is making Ass out of U and Me. The relationship can never get better if each partner will not let go of such dangerous assumption, they will continue to make Ass out of themselves.

The way out of this is first to stop the assumption head game, it is much better for you to focus on what you really admire and love in your partner. If you need your partner to trust you, then you need to first give that trust. The best ways to receive trust back is in giving in it first.

All of us experience one form of anxiety of the other from time to time, but use that period when you’re feeling nervous about the healthy nature of your relationship to think about the positive thing, the strength and joy you’ve share in the relationship instead of allowing your assumption (making Ass out of U and Me – your partner) to drained the juicy nature of your relationship.

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11 thoughts on “Avoid This Head Game That Can Destroy Your Relationship”

  1. Hi Anthony. Great article… But I have something to say about it:
    You need to always get someone to help you edit your articles before you hit the publish button.

    Why is playing the assumption….. ruins. You used ruin instead of ruin

    It make “use” to behave in a certain way…..
    U used use instead of us.

    You great!

    1. Thanks Ola, but you’re getting it wrong here, assumption should be follow by ruins and not ruin as you suggested. You’re indirectly telling me that I can’t write good English which mean I need to write and employ someone else to edit my writing before publishing. Hmnnnn, there is no how you want to write that others will not see something misspell, incorrectly use or otherwise. I’m not writing on my blog to teach English Language but to educate people on dating, relationship and others.

      The use of “use” instead of “Us” has been corrected. Ideally the more you read people’s articles online the more you’ll spot words that are wrongly misspelt or omitted, you can’t blame them for it. Even after reading it severally, they may not spot the misspelt words, you just have to read the idea behind the writing and move on.
      Thanks anyway.

  2. hw much av u bin paid 4doin dis great & valuable job, i beleive only God can award u of ur kind gesture 2wardz rebuildin falling homes. @ Ola, no 1 is superior 2 typographic error, nt even a Proffesor; accordin 2d publisha, he is nt teachin english here bt educating ignorant in relationshp. Shallom.

  3. This is very interesting indeed. is the best site of it kind. it really touchs my feelings and affection bcox this head game is what result me to lost my partiner. But now, its a lesson, and it is nw noted. Thnx mr author

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