Deciding Whether To Use Bridal Shoe Heels Or Flats

Although whether to use bridal shoe heels or flats is not a major wedding preparation concern for most brides, whether you wear heels or flat will definitely make a big difference to your wedding. Your choice of bridal shoe heels or flats can entirely alter the profile of your wedding gown.

It can as well impact immensely on your level of comfort and make the difference between appearing like a giant or a dwarf when compared to the height of your partner.

Consider the following as a guide towards deciding whether bridal shoe heels or flats are more suitable for your wedding day celebration.

bridal shoe heels
bridal shoe heels

The appearance and the style of your wedding gown

A lot of brides found putting on floor length dresses with bridal shoes a bit controversial.

Some think it makes no sense worrying about whether to use bridal shoe heels or flats together with a floor length wedding gown since people would barely see what the shoe look like under the dress.

If your bridal gown is going to make your bridal shoe heels unnoticed, it is better to go for a more comfortable shoe and try to make sure that the hem of your dress stop where the length of the shoe you are going to wear will be visible.

If the style of your wedding dress is not lengthy enough that your feet are exposed; try varieties of shoe style to decide what best complement your bridal look.

The majorities of wedding gowns including even tea length dresses can be used with either bridal shoe heels or flats if you choose a suitable style can work with both flats and heels if you find the right style.

Ensure you put on the would-be bridal shoe heels or flats with your wedding gown to check how beautiful it looks on your feet and also how your chosen shoe impact on your posture and shape.

Selecting suitable bridal shoe heels or flat can entirely redefine your appearance.

When height of bridal shoe heels or flats makes a big difference between your height and that of your spouse

If bridal shoe heels or flats make your height and that of your spouse to differ considerably, you may take that into consideration before deciding on which type of bridal shoe to consider.

If both of you don’t mind about the height difference you can forget about this factor. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable when the difference in height is too conspicuous, you may factor this in while deciding whether to use bridal shoe heels or flats.

Whatever shoe you have settled your mind on, try to put it on to see how comfortable it feels before your wedding day to avoid any form of unwanted embarrassment when you are walking down the aisle or anytime during the celebration.

While deciding whether to use bridal shoe heels or flats consider your style

How you look on your wedding day as a bride should in addition to showing a celebratory mood reflect your personal style. Wedding attire that is completely different from what your style used to be may be unsuitable.

Thus, if you are used to flats go for flats and if you are used to bridal shoe heels then go for it. Choosing what you are not used to may feel very uncomfortable and unoriginal.

If you do choose to change your usual style on your wedding day, practice with an equivalent shoe heel for a number of months before your wedding day to get used to it.

Consider both the bridal shoe heels and flats for different parts of the celebration

A number of brides are currently choosing bridal shoe heels style for their wedding ceremony and afterward, they switch to more comfortable flats for their reception and to make it easy on the dancing floor.

If this two-way style works well with your wedding dress and venue, then go for it. It gives you the opportunity to experience the two world’s style and also offer you the opportunity to acquire two good-looking sets of shoes.

You make the shoe you wear to your reception fun and a bit bizarre. Some go for bridal trainers, ballet pumps or flip-flops!  Whatever choice of wedding shoe you make, try to complement the lack of heel with a lot of stunning details.

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