The Importance of Wedding Cake Cutting Ceremony You Must Know Today

The Importance of Wedding Cake Cutting Ceremony You Must Know Today

In every properly organize wedding ceremonies, there is bound to be the special section for cutting of cakes. As it is, there is importance to every section you will come across in any wedding ceremony.

Some of this goes back to traditions and as you know, traditions is something difficult to do away with especially when it is widely accepted and practice by all.

The Importance of Wedding Cake Cutting Ceremony You Must Know TodayToday post is specially focused on wedding cake cutting ceremony, why is it included as one of the important aspect of the ceremonial attribute of wedding?

It may interest you to know, that wedding cake cutting ceremony is the centrepiece of reception, the only thing can outclass the wedding cake cutting ceremony is the beauty of the pride, apart from that, no other thing is more importance at the reception as the cutting of the wedding cake ceremony. [Read; Cheese Wedding Cake Trending]

The very first official duty of the bride and groom as husband and wife is the cutting of the cake, you know why? I will let you know before the end of this post so that you’ll see the reason why it is the first official duty of the couple.

Another things I will like to draw your attention to, is that, that same cake is the last thing that the guests will eat in that place and that leave them with lasting impression about the wedding.

Cutting of the wedding cake ceremony is also the last formal ceremony of the wedding, and in wedding etiquette, guests may leave after the cutting of the cake. But there is something important here too, if it is taking too long before the cutting of the cake, guests may be impatience and some may be eager to leave which is not proper.

When you observe that guest are leaving before the cutting of the wedding cake, you need to simply cut the cake a little earlier, the reason is that, the guests will be able to share in its symbolism and the taste before leaving.

As I promise earlier, here is why it is the first official duty and why it is attached with so much importance in the life of the couple.

The feeding of one another a piece of the cake has a root in the good old days (traditions if possible though may differ) when wife stay at home and husband goes to work. [Read: Wedding Tips To Help You Decide Who To Pick As Bridesmaids ]

When the groom feeds the bride with a piece of the cake, the cake itself signifies nourishment and through this sign, the groom pledge to make food available, provide her shelter and money for the bride for the upkeeps of the house and the family in general.

The response from the bride is by feeding the groom and makes her pledges to care for the home, prepare food and give birth to children.

At this point when they are feeding each other, they are not supposed to touch one another, by not touching each other during the feeding, each person pledges to perform their tasks unassisted.

The cutting of the cake involves the wife holding the knife and her husband gently assisting as the piece is detached. Both of them will take small quantity of the cake, face each other and feed one another.

Remember, neither partner touches during the feeding; it is always good to pay more attention to where you’re putting the cake rather than where the cake is coming from. The possibility that you might miss your partner’s mouth if you concentrate on where the cake is coming from is high, and that is why you need to concentrate on where you’re going to put the cake and that shows element of TRUST. [Also Read: How To Save Your Money On Wedding Expenses]

Yes! That’s it, the symbolic importance of wedding cake cutting ceremony. I hope you’ve learnt something important today and if you do, please share it with any of the social media icons below. I will also love to hear what you think about the importance of wedding cake cutting ceremony, please make use of the comment form below for your contributions.

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