Unsuitable Wedding Wears: Suitable and unsuitable Wedding wears

Just as there are fashion styles that are suitable and those unsuitable for different type of people, so also certain clothes are unsuitable for wedding. You should stay clear from these lists of unsuitable wedding wears.

If you have been invited to a wedding, ensure that you chose appropriate wears and try not to commit these fashion sins!

unsuitable wedding wears

1.Unsuitable wedding wears: do not wear jingling jewelry

The centerpiece of attention in any wedding celebration is the bride and the bridegroom. Doing anything that diverts attention to yourself instead of the couple for the day is absolutely wrong.

Going into the church wear the wedding celebration is going on with jingling jewelry definitely will draw attention to yourself every now and then. It will also create some form of distraction to people close to you.

You may unknowingly attract the anger of people due to the constant jingling noise from your jewelry. Although you need to look good, try to put other factors into consideration before dashing into the church, court or wedding premises with such distracting form of jewel.

2. A Pair Of Brand-New High heeled shoes

Although wedding ceremony is an opportunity for you to get well dressed but bear in mind that you’d be moving from table to table and would probably be dancing till late into the evenings.

If you haven’t worn the high heels for some time and is not yet comfortable in those heels, you may be inviting trouble for yourself. Try to wear it beforehand to feel more comfortable or use instead more comfy shoes that won’t hurt.

3. Unsuitable Wedding Wear: Avoid Any Overly Revealing Wears

Even though something looks good on you, do make sure that it is not too transparent. Wedding celebration is a time to give support to your family and friends and not an opportunity for you to reveal your inner body curves. Such behaviors would attract gossips from fellow guests.

4. Don’t Put On Unsuitable Wedding Wears That Fall Outside The Occasion’s Dress Code

You may have the violent small cocktail unsuitable wedding wears you are desperate to show off, but if it is outside the dress code for the day, don’t wear it.

If for example, the dress code for the day says that black-tie is not compulsory, it is better you put on long gown in order to avoid a feeling of being under dressed.

5. Unsuitable wedding wears: don’t put on white dress

The bride most often wears white to ivory clothes. Yes, of course, it is suitable and the bride ought to be the center of attraction for the day.

Putting on a white dress may look competitive with the bride and create impression of double center of attraction.

If you must put on whitish looking dress, go for taupe or blush colored fabrics, and avoid putting on white lace for a graduation or similar party.

Greatest Risk: Shorts

There is rarely anybody who can take off thigh-grazing white silk without appearing like she’s putting on her honeymoon lingerie.

Suitable wedding wears: Pant

It is much more preferable to get to wedding celebrations in pants rather than putting any of the unsuitable wedding wears mentioned above. In reality, a tailored jumpsuit and ceremonial jewelry will make you look trendy and outstanding in the party

Most Body-cheat: Putting on Crop Tops

Boho is great currently trending wear women who commit to nude abs at the altar are manifestly doing munches months before the wedding day.

A corset never appears very comfortable. Nevertheless, there are other more humble dress options that don’t reveal the greater part of your skin.

You must do everything possible to go with proper fashion trend and at the same time avoid going against the proper wedding dress code any time you are invited to attend a wedding ceremony. Do your best to look good but make sure you follow the proper fashion trend

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