Wedding Photography Trends in 2016

Wedding Photography Trends in 2016

Pictures are our getaway to the memories that we have lived but won’t be able to revisit ever. And when it comes to wedding photographs – Well, they are certainly priceless! To ensure that your hired wedding photographer click the best pictures while incorporating the latest trends would make your moments more beautiful to look back to. So, let us tell you about the hottest trends in this year.

Wedding Photography Trends
Wedding Photography Trends

1. Classic Films

In an era where everything is being digitalized, film photography is reemerging. Using classic photography enables the photographer to capture beautiful memories with an element of richness that is often lost in the digital photography.

Your photographer would be able to capture delicate nuisances of the meticulously created wedding set-up which would add a more real and lovely effect to the pictures.

2. Candid Story Telling

The days when every picture was perfectly staged and posed for seem to be taking a backseat since candid photography is the in thing in weddings these days.

Those natural looks of guests enjoying a moment at the wedding, the bride fixing up groom’s tie, cake smothered on a kid’s face and intimate moments of stealing glances between the couple are best captured with the nature expressions. You certainly cannot fake pose these moments.

3. Going Prime

Though prime lenses have been in trend since many years now, they are certainly worth mentioning! We would recommend a 50mm or 85mm lens. The prime reason why we ask the photographers to go prime is because of the quality and wider aperture.

Imagine your reception venue setup where you would be able to get a perfect shot with focused subjects and blurred background without having to edit the image late, thus retaining its original essence.

4. Drone Shots

Aerial shots are no more the luxury of just celebrities or super rich tycoons; the use of drones is making it possible for your photographer to capture the aerial shots of the entire wedding venue from above.

How cool would it be to be able to watch your wedding landscape captured entirely at once, and if your venue happens to be at the natural location then you can certainly get the best of shots.

5. Wedding Hashtags

If your wedding moments are not the social media, then it seems like it didn’t happen at all. Couples these days create their own hashtags and encourage all the guests to use those hashtags whenever they post any pictures online.

This way, you would be able to get the pictures of the moments you missed while you were in the center stage dancing and getting clicked in the limelight. Also, the people who missed your wedding would be able to get a look at some of the candid moments.

6. Get the Right Photographer

Don’t be scared of incorporating new trends. It’s time you move on from the regular photography in your wedding also and have as much fun capturing the moments as much you have while creating them.

And if you are finding it difficult to get a photographer who would be equipped with the latest technology and creative ideas, ask your wedding planner to hire one. They would certainly have contacts with the right guys in the business. Moreover, they can recommend a reliable wedding photo editing service.

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