Green Wedding Clothes And Shoes: Green Wedding Tips

Green Wedding Clothes And Shoes

A green wedding clothes and shoes idea is to buy your dress and shoes from charity shop instead of purchasing them brand new. Some charity shops specialize in the sale of wedding items.

You may end up buying clothes and shoes at a very minimal prize compared to when you purchase them brand new.

You may return the clothes or shoes to the charity shop after the wedding but if they are suitable for every day wear you may decide to make it part of your day to day wear.

Example of charity shop that sells such items is Oxfam. A number of couples who did green wedding clothes and shoes testified that they were able to get really good stuff from Oxfam.

You may end up getting an exact match of shoe or clothes at a reduced price of over ten times the actual price of the brand new stuff.

Green wedding clothes

Given the fact that wedding dress is really very long, it wouldn’t matter so much if your green wedding clothes or shoes are brand new or not.

Why, because the wedding gown is normally very long and it is really difficult for the shoe to be seen under the clothes.

Besides, you may be lucky to get fairly new shoes or clothes in the charity shops at a much more sustainable price.

There are some charity shops that specialize in wedding clothes. If those shops are not within your locality, you may still be able to get suitable green wedding clothes or shoes in other charity shops if you start looking early.

Another tip for green wedding clothes and shoes is to look for your desired clothes or shoes in eBay.

You can also purchase flower bouquets for your bridesmaids and yourself at an affordable rate in eBay auction. You may hand them over to charity shops after the wedding for possible re-use by other couples who may need them.

Green Wedding Flowers tips

Apart from green wedding clothes ideas specified above, another green wedding tip you need to consider is flower.

For your choice of flower, it is better to look for plants that flower during the month you are getting married. You may decide to grow one for yourself or get a family relation who is also interested in green living to do one for you.

It all depends on your choice of flower and the period you are wedding. If you are lucky to have a relation who is a gardener, he or she may be able to help you grow some very beautiful pots for the tables. You may be able to leave some of them to continue growing.

You may as well gather some flower from those you planted and use them for your bouquets but if you are not very good at arranging flower, you may be able to buy really beautiful silk flower that are fairly used from eBay or charity shops.

Also consider making Your Own Green Wedding Cake

Just as green wedding clothes and shoes are money saving, making your own cake will also save you huge sum of money. Apart from helping you to reduce costs, you also have control over the ingredients used and the sources of those ingredients.

If you can’t bake cake, you may be able to get a friend or a family relation that may want to help.

Green Wedding Transport tips

Transportation is another thing that may add to your wedding expenses but just like you have green wedding clothes tips, there are also tips that would minimize your transport budget.

You may be lucky to get some of your guests who may be willing to share their cars or mini-buses. You may offer your guest to chance to tick yes if they are willing to share transport.

In that way you would be able to match all the people who live in nearby places and organize minibuses that will go round and pick them up.

Just as you have green wedding clothes ideas, there are also good green wedding rings ideas and gift ideas that will ensure your wedding is as sustainable as it can be. You may be able to get a good stuff by visiting  this site as we mentioned earlier.

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