How To Flirt With The Way You Walk

How To Flirt With The Way You Walk

Walking to flirt is the second best to flirting with eye contact when it comes to telling more about who you are and how you’re feeling within yourself.

Ideally, all the body parts used in body language communication that I have been talking about for almost a week now, somehow work together for greater result. It is hard to single any of them out and flirt successfully with it.

Before you read further, you may like to read about the previous ones I have written, I’m talking about; how to flirt with eye contact, flirting with body posture, how to flirt with your arm and legs, and flirting with your smile successfully with anyone you desire.

How To Flirt With The Way You WalkWith that said, let go into more details about how to flirt with the way you walk and do it successfully.

Perhaps you don’t know how to walk to flirt, it is easy to learn, all you have to do right now is to get focus here right now as I’m about dishing out all what you need to know about walking to flirt.

First off, you’ll need to practice how to walk slowly but not sluggishly, slow movement command respect in the first place because, it shows you’re confident with yourself. Nobody will ever deny the attention of someone who is full of confidence within self.

So, here are what you need to know about walking to flirt successfully

  • When walking, have you back straight up and your chest puffed out but not like a bouncer anyway.
  • You don’t need be looking downward as if you’re finding something on the ground or raising your head up as if something if failing in the sky upfront, just look straight ahead and have your chin parallel to the ground.
  • Walk slowly and relax as you take each stem, don’t be in haste if your intent is to flirt with the way you walk.
  • As you walk across the room or anywhere you decide to flirt, ensure you move your shoulders back a little bit and smile and you move across.
  • This may be a little repetition but it is important you ensure you don’t walk with your head down and putting your hands in your pocket, if you do that, you will definitely look completely unapproachable.

As you do or practice all these walking movement I have been highlighting above, you will automatically become the centre of attention and women will be willing to approach you because, you’ve shown one of the thing women are most attracted to in a guy, I’m talking about being confident here.

You can get a cue from millionaire, rock stars, and celebrities, the way they walk and talk show lots of confident in them. You can even pretend to be one of them and see how that will motivate your flirting walking movement. You can also view it this way; how will you walk across a place if you have a million dollars in your bank account and everyone around that place knows that you have such money in your account?

I’m sure with all of the hints, steps and guidelines above, you will always find it easy to flirt with anyone you so much desire. Don’t forget to share you view about all of these that I have shared with you above using the comment form below.

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