How To Flirt With Smile Successfully; Body Language 101

How To Flirt With Smile Successfully; Body Language 101

In the past days, I have been talking on how to flirt with body language successful, and in each of those days, I have written comprehensive details on what and what not to do when flirting with opposite sex. The post about flirting with arm and legs successfully is a must read for everyone that love to flirt, then there is another post on how to flirt with eye contact successfully, also flirting with body posture that will present you in a more charming way before any guy or girl that they want to associate with you.

How To Flirt With Smile Successfully; Body Language 101In this post, you’re about to read the most interesting part of flirting with smile that you have never found online in is such a comprehensive details with so much exciting things you can do with your flirting, and do it successfully.

Also you should be able to different smile that’s just a polite smile from that of the smile that is meant for flirting. This will help you is such a way so as not to confuse politeness with flirting especially when coming from the ladies.

So then how do you flirt with smile successfully?

To flirt with smile, you need to understand some facts about smiling to flirt which must be a genuine smile that must not be faked. In every good smile, being it for flirting, politeness or any other thing the smile is intended for, your face shouldn’t be strong, smile with soft face will easily pass across the message the smile is intended for.

A strong face while smiling is sarcastic, you shouldn’t use it even for joke if your intention is to get the person attraction for possible dating.

Women are thought to be polite everywhere they go, and some might just give a smile that is meant for that politeness but you may misinterpret it for flirting smile.

To differentiate between flirting smile and polite smile, here is the deal; when you come across any women that smile at you with tight half smile, she’s just being polite, that’s not a genuine smile for flirting. But when you see her smile with a reshape face, changing cheek and the eyes grins, that’s an invitational smile that I’m open, you can just approach me now.

You also need to watch out for her smile if it is a polite one, she will avoid by all possible mean to get in contact with your eyes again. But if her smile is meant for flirting, you should expect her to stare at you now and then because the eyes still need to make contact more than just once. This mean, she will look at you, look away and again look at you because there is something in you that interest her.

To successfully smile to flirt with whoever you desire, you need to first practice how to make your smile a genuine one by looking at your mirror and as you practice, ensure you do the following that will perfected your genuine smile.

  • Don’t tight your lips if your smile is for flirting
  • The corner of your eyes must crinkle, without crinkling; your smile is just a fake smile.
  • Your eyes movement shouldn’t be random as you’re smiling at her, just ensure the contact.

The fact remain, people will be drawn to you according to the emotion on your face. So, as you walk around, ensure you put up a smiling face even if you feel there is no need for it, it will show you’re confidence and happy with yourself. It can easily draw the opposite sex to you for flirting once they see it in you that you’re happy and confident.

The next body language 101 part is speaking to flirt; this will comprise of, how to use your voice to flirt, the tone, pitch and the rate at which you speak, they all work together to enhance your flirting trick through speaking.

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  1. i met a girl and all of a sudden started loving her though she said she have boy friend both of us started liking ourselves and were flowing well but having had problem with her boy friend she decided to have me around her. Things get changing from my side (i.e i keep loving her her the more) but she said that she wants to give her boyfriend a second chance that she will always give me attention. But my love for her keeps growing to marry her. Should i keep going for her because she has everything i need in a woman or i should pause? pls advise me

    1. Hello Nony,
      This is my advice for you, though you can still do otherwise, depending on what your instinct tell you to do;
      You cannot continue to be her second choice if you take her as your first choice, you may have to move on and leave her, go search for other girl that will take you as her first choice, just as you will take her too as your first choice.
      Although, she still have you at heart but you only come in as an option and that is not GOOD for you as a guy.
      I hope this help, thank for requesting for my advice.

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