How You Can Flirt With Your Voice Successfully

How You Can Flirt With Your Voice Successfully; Body Language 101

It’s been good so far, since I have been talking about the comprehensive details of body language for flirting here in this blog.

Today’s post is going to be exciting too just like the previous ones where I talked about using eye contact to flirt successfully, the use of body posture to flirt with whoever you want to flirt with, the movement of your arm and legs to flirt successfully, and the last before today, which is talking about using your smile to flirt successfully with anyone.

How You Can Flirt With Your Voice SuccessfullyIf you want to know how to use your voice to flirt, then you cannot afford to stop reading what I’m about to tell you right now in this post. Just prepare for an interesting read on how you can actually use your voice to command attraction and attention from anyone especially, the opposite sex.

These are the elements in your voice that you’re going to be used for the flirtation.

  • Voice tone
  • Pitch of your voice and
  • The rate at which you speak

Ok, let’s get it started right now!

Using your voice tone

When flirting, it is imported you don’t speak with just one tone, a monotonous voice always sound uninteresting as your talk progresses. Change your voice tone as you speak, from soft to deep, midway, softer and rotate it depending on your expression.

It is easier to detect from your tone if you’re confident, attractive and self-assure. The wrong use of your tone can turn the person you want to flirt with off, because it isn’t interesting and in most you time sound monotonous.

You can perfect how to vary your voice tone by practicing using recorder. First just speak normally as you do speak and you’ll see that there is need for lots of changes in your voice tone.

Different surroundings will require different tones, for example, if you’re in a noisy place like club, it is expected you raise your voice tone so that your partner can hear whatever you’re saying. If you’re in a quiet place like library, your voice tone shouldn’t be loud, just maintain normal voice tone but still varied your tone.

Using the pitch of your voice

Your voice pitch is either high or low; the most preferable one is that of the low pitch when you’re trying to flirt with somebody. High pitch is often characterized with being anxious, holding resentment, full of anger and nervousness.

The rate at which you speak

If you’re to flirt successfully, the rate at which you speak should be slow but not very slow, so that you’ll not bored the person you’re talking with. Talking too quickly will make you sound insecure and nervous.

Speaking way too fast will not enable you to pronounce words as effective as they are. An evening of low and slow talk by a man is an aphrodisiac for many women.

Ensure you slow down the rate at which you talk and speak at relax pace, which will make you even more seductive.

The following hints will also help you when you speak to flirt

  • Speak slowly with low voice, it command much respect and attention than speaking with high voice.
  • Talking slowly and confidently will give you little more time to think about what next to say, how to response adequately and how to be more precise in your words. This will greatly improve your image as someone who is confident, educated and intelligent.
  • Ensure you speak loud to be heard but not noisy with your voice. This will be helpful especially in a noisy environment.
  • If your speech is too fast and looks sloppy as you pronounce words, you’ll be regard as having poor education and you’re probably of “low class”.

Whao! You can see for yourself, how important your voice is when you want speak to flirt. This is speaking to flirt with success.

The last in the series of the body language 101 is Walking to Flirt it will be an interesting read for everyone who really wants to learn how to walk for flirting.

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