9 Female Erogenous Zones: Including Some Of The Most Unusual Suspects

One of the most perplexing subjects for men is how to seduce a lady. This becomes even more pertinent if the relationship is still new. For dudes, this is where knowing all the female erogenous zones can be a lifesaver.

female erogenous zones

So many of these female erogenous zones are located in very surprising places. Some are directly under your nose, literally. It is one thing to know them, and it is quite a different matter to know how to make them work for you.

First though, what are female erogenous zones and why do you need to know about them? Okay, this is going to be short so we can go right down to the main business.

Erogenous zones are those parts of the body that when touched or manipulated in a certain would sexually stimulate the person quickly. So imagine you are a guru in all things female erogenous zones? To put it mildly, even the famous Cassanova would have nothing on you.

So where are these female erogenous zones located? Read on to for a full expose on what you need to know about them.

The usual and not so usual female erogenous zones

1. Back of the neck aka Nape of the neck

The nape of the neck has so many nerve endings that makes it very sensitive. Lightly touching a girl there can send her wild in no time.

The easiest way to go about this is to run your fingers lightly up and down the neck. If you are brazen enough, you can even kiss her there for good effects. Kissing her neck would simply triple the desired effect.

2. The armpits

Okay, this area as an erogenous zone might sound a bit weird on so many levels. We mostly associate armpits with unwanted hair, sweat a smells, right?

However, every adult girl should know how to keep that part of her body clean and healthy. If you can overcome the initial misgivings, that area is a sure way to get her hot really fast.

Using your fingers is enough. Use the tips of the fingers and gently caress the armpits slowly in an up and down motion. Chances are, you would also feel the excitement rising in you as you get her excited.

Can you be brazen enough to kiss her armbits?

3. Her lower stomach, below the belly button

This erogenous zone is not commonly known to people. Why this works well is because the area just above her pelvic region is almost directly above her G-spot.

Also, stimulating it acts as a catalyst for stimulating other areas of her body. And most importantly, being so close to her pelvis makes the whole act wildly exciting.

With this area, you can apply pressure gently with your hand after caressing it lightly with your fingers. Scratching it with your finger can also give the desired effect.

4. The feet

The feet, especially the bottom, have several nerve endings that can arouse ladies when stimulated properly. That is why giving a lady a good foot massage can be one of the most sensual things you can do.

Since most people are ticklish there, your best option is to stroke her feet firmly. Light strokes would only make her ticklish, ultimately defeating your objective.

5. The ears

female erogenous zones

The ears are one of the most obvious female erogenous zones. But most dudes overlook them for some reason. For the records, the ears are extremely sensitive to touch making them perfect for stimulating a girl.

With the ears, your lips would do just fine. You can gently and teasingly explore all areas of the ears. Remember to gently bite and suck her earlobes

For good effect, stick your tongue inside the center of her ear. The sensation would be pleasurable, at the same time unexpected.

6. The scalp

Using your fingers to play with your partner’s scalp can be incredibly soothing to her. And ultimately, it can be arousing too.

The good thing about the scalp is simply the fact that it is easily accessible and not many people associate it with sexual stimulus. So get to work and gently stroke her hair and massage her scalp. The rewards to you would be surprising.

7. Behind the knee

This area of a woman’s body is pleasantly soft to touch. Touching it would give pleasure to you too.

Here is the thing though, due to its location, it is hardly ever explored or touched by others. Exploring that area is almost like getting to know a virgin territory for both you and her.

Behind the knee is full of nerves and is a sort of pathway to the thighs. Alternate between light tickles and soft massage for best results.

8. The inner thighs

The inner thighs are so sensitive many ladies make it an off-limits part of their bodies. But if you are confident you won’t get a slap, playing with that area would simply drive her up a wall with pleasure.

Between your fingers and your lips, there are so many ways you can stimulate her. Allow your imagination to run free and be creative with what you do.

9. The lips

female erogenous zones

The lips are among the most popular female erogenous zones. As an erogenous zone, it works for both sexes. In the right conditions, nobody ever gets tired of kissing.

The lips are more sensitive than even our fingertips. Therefore, even a light touch can send the right hormones rushing through the body. Simply tracing the outline of the lips with your fingertips can generate a sensuous feeling in her.

So which of these female erogenous zones are you most comfortable with? Do you know any other areas of the body you think should have made this list? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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