Flirting With Woman in Several Ways

This Flirting article  started from here, if you have not read that part before, this is just the continuation of the article. So let go to learn more about flirting.
Some “obvious” touching can include:
  1. Walking arm-in-arm with her
  2. Holding hands
  3. Having her sit on your lap
  4. Having your arm around her
No 4: Sensual Touching
The final level of touching is when you’re about to (or already have) kissed the woman. By touching her in a sensual manner, you’re giving an indication that things will be moving towards an intimate encounter. Knowing this, it is crucial that you know her intentions are the same as yours.
This type of touching should be complete with strong and direct eye contact, and it generally works best in a comfortable environment. Sensual touching can include the following:
  • Smelling her hair
  • Nuzzling her neck, shoulders, or similar parts
  • Stroking her face with your hands
  • Holding or caressing her face
  • Pulling her close towards you
This touching progression model should give a great example of how to quickly become more intimate with women that you meet. If you use this with every girl you encounter, you’ll turn a lot of them into incredible encounters.
No 5: More on Touching
Build up her anticipation as you touch her. Tease part of her mind, making her wonder what it’s like for you to touch her in other areas.
Besides the thumb-wrestling example given above, a good excuse for you to touch her initially is palm reading. Most people don’t know that (besides the obvious areas), the palms are erogenous zones (in other words, they get “turned on.”)
Not only does this technique allow the chance to touch a sensual part on her body, but it also gives you an opportunity to show her how fun you are.
Another often-overlooked erogenous zone is the hair. This is an excellent place to touch her, as every gentle stroke of your hand is sure to send shivers down her spine.
Slowly move your hand towards her head, and evaluate if she’s open to the touch or not. If she flinches, she’s probably not ready for any further physical action.
Women are very sensitive to touch, and it’s never a neutral thing with them. It either has a positive or negative impact on her. You want her to beg for more.

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