6 Things To Avoid Saying Before A Romantic Kiss; Or Kiss It Goodbye

Many people have all been witnessed to how uttering just one misplaced word before a romantic kiss can ruin everything. This is such a bummer especially if you had looked forward to this moment for a long time.

before a romantic kiss

Imagine it for a while. The setting is just right. You’ve run out of nice things to say to each other. Both of you are just staring at each other. You are both in the moment. You can feel the magnetism as you two slowly bring your heads together.

Then bam! One of you says something to break the magic. That moment is now lost forever. The experts would tell you dudes are guilty of this most often.

Dude just couldn’t keep his wisecrack remarks to himself?

This Christmas, many potential lovers would love to seize the moment to get their first kiss. How to get your lover in the mood is one thing. But, you must know there are certain words or things to avoid saying if you want to finish what you started.

What are those words? Read on to see some of the common things to avoid saying before a romantic kiss or else, all that work would go up in smoke.

Things not to say before a romantic kiss

1. Body odor

before a romantic kiss

Body odor is important in every relationship. But before a romantic kiss, it is something you must not talk about no matter how much you dislike the odor.

Since you got this far, you must have been aware of it earlier. In other words, you were ready to live with it. So bury the thought about saying a thing or two about it.

2. Mouth odor

before a romantic kiss

Okay, if your intended is suffering from halitosis or temporary bad mouth odor, the kiss is not going to be a nice experience for you.

Hey, just brace yourself and go for it. You have worked hard to get to this moment. Besides, making a snide remark about mouth odor can ruin a budding relationship forever.

Instead, chose a different moment to talk about it. And as earlier stated, it could just be a case of temporary bad mouth odor.

3. Don’t talk about past relationships

It might surprise you to know some of the daft things people say to ruin the moment. Up there with the worst is talking about your ex or past relationship.

If your partner really likes you, bringing this up has a way of freezing or killing any romantic thoughts. The next thing that comes to mind is if you are going to compare this kiss with what you experienced with your ex.

Even if you never had thoughts of comparing, it is inevitable your partner gets into that mindset. Nobody wants to reminded of an ex during what should be an intimate moment

4. Don’t make fun of each other

before a romantic kiss

A romantic kiss is not something that you do on a whim. It is serious and both of you must show respect for each other’s feelings.

One of the rules of engagement is to avoid making fun of each other’s bodies and perceived flaws. Simply put, quit the snappy jokes and concentrate on being polite and respectful.

For instance, don’t use this moment to mention how you just love your partner’s flat feet. By blurting something like that, you just signed the death warrant for that kiss.

5. No job/work issues talk

Perhaps, you are lucky to have a partner who shares the same enthusiasm for your job. Maybe, you are even colleagues at work. Good for you.

However, when you sense an intimate moment coming on, do yourself a favor and stop rambling about work. This is a turn-off, especially for the ladies.

6. Avoid anything unpleasant

before a romantic kiss

We all know the most engaging discussions come from tragic events. But in this case, wait for the kiss to be over before giving in to the temptation to discuss the latest unfortunate news you read or saw on TV.

Talk like that is just like pouring water on bread. Nobody enjoys bread like that. So if you see the flashing signs from your partner for a kiss, put that discussion on hold until after the deed.

So these are the things you must avoid saying before a romantic kiss. That is, of you are very serious about getting that kiss. Just be comfortable with the idea that anything you have to say can wait.

Have you ever said something before a romantic kiss that spoiled the moment for you? What was it and how did you attempt to repair the damage?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We would love to read them. And feel free to share this on Facebook or Twitter if you liked what you read.


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