6 Body Parts People Don’t Wash Properly While Taking A Bath

Many of us pride ourselves on taking a bath at least once a day. Some even make it a point to do it twice: once in the morning and just before drifting off to sleep. In spite of that, there are several body parts people don’t wash properly.

body parts people don't wash properly

Somehow it became a habit not to wash those parts of the body. It wasn’t deliberate or planned. It is just that those parts of the body are not easily accessible most of the time.

Some though are in plain view: easy to access but people just don’t bother to wash them properly. If only they knew the amount of dirt that accumulates there, they would never leave those parts unwashed, ever again.

So what are these body parts people don’t wash properly? Read on to see them. Some of them would really surprise you.

Body parts people don’t wash properly

1. The belly button

body parts people don't wash properly

That tiny little crater on the tummy is in plain view. But most people never give a thought to actually washing it properly.

This could be because we generally wash the tummy any time we take a bath. So why waste time giving special attention to something so inconsequential?

Actually, despite the washing we give to our tummy, the hole in the belly button remains untouched. And it is a fine place for dirt and bacteria to accumulate.

If you have never done it before, why not take a white handkerchief and scour the area. The amount of dirt on the hanky would shock you.

2. The outer ear

body parts people don't wash properly

This part of the ear is also known as the auricle. It should not be confused with the inner ear. The inner ear gets adequate attention with the ear buds we use regularly.

But what about buds for the crevices and grooves that make up the outer ear? Unfortunately, there is nothing like buds for them.

The best time to clean them should have been in the bathroom while taking our bath. However, we hardly ever stop to deliberate clean them properly. Most times, just a dash of water to remove the lather from the soap is enough for most of us.

But, dirt built and collects in the crevices. And like the belly button, they contain a lot of bacteria.

Another place is behind the ear. People never bother to wash them properly too, leaving dirty to accumulate there.

3. Between your shoulder blades

body parts people don't wash properly

This area is part of your back. People tend to remember that place only when they have an itch they need to scratch. It is so irritating because it’s very hard to reach for most of us.

Because it is hard to reach, it enters the list of one of the body parts people don’t wash properly.

At best, we allow water to slide down it while taking our bath. But actually taking a soap and sponge to it is never worth our time most times.

Again, lots of dirt accumulates there because of that.

4. Between and under the toes

body parts people don't wash properly

Men are guiltier of this. At least for most ladies, they spent time in the beauty salon from time to time getting a pedicure. So these places get cleaned for them.

How many times have you bothered to wash between your toes and under them? 90% of the time, the answer is rarely. At best, we wash the top of our foot and under the foot too.

But scrubbing the dirt out from between and under the toes takes up too much time. So we forgo it; preferring not to spend a minute longer than necessary in the bathroom.

5. Back of the knees

The back of the knees is also another part of the body that is treated so badly by people. It is not even hard to get to it like under the toes.

Again, the net result of that negligence is the accumulation of so much dirt.

6. Neck

body parts people don't wash properly

We clean the neck anytime we take our bath. Here is the thing though, we don’t do it properly.

The base of the neck suffers this treatment most. Have you ever wondered why the base is darker than the rest of the neck? It is simply down to the accumulation of dirt over a long period.

All these body parts mentioned don’t need too much attention to keep them very clean. A good soap and water would do the trick. Basically, the same soap we use every day in the bathroom.

All it takes is to do it consistently. With time it would become a habit to clean all these places properly.

So, can you think of more body parts people hardly ever wash properly? Let’s hear your thoughts on this issue in the comment section below.

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