4 Romantic Moves That Will Make Her Fall In Love With You All Over Again

Falling in love with someone is one of the most wonderful feelings anyone can ever have. Not only does it make you feel good but it also makes you feel good about the person you love.

If you have ever being in love before, will you agree with me that it makes one feel on top of the world? In as much as it is good to feel this way, do you also know that it is equally possible for the way you feel to change?

As a guy, if you have a girlfriend and you treat her the same way from January to December, don’t you think she will feel bored with time? Every one has his or her romantic sides so where is yours hiding?

Women love change and spontaneity and I also know they love it when their partners make romantic moves on them at intervals.

I believe relationships should be spiced up from time to time so you do not lose the person you love to someone else.

Those romantic moves are:

Sweeping her off her feet:

4 Romantic Moves That Will Make Her Fall In Love With You

I see guys carry ladies mostly on their wedding day but this should not be the only day to do this. You can do this as a surprise probably if you are out together on the beach or at a resort or on a picnic.

This would certainly take her off balance because she will not expect you to do this and she would be very happy and shy at the same time.

If you do this in public where everyone can see, it shows you really do love her and she will surely feel more loved by this action.

Taking her dancing:

This is one of the romantic moves she would love if you do it. Aside clubs, restaurants, bars, and eateries, you can take her dancing. I am sure there are places you can go to partake in all kinds of dances.

Surprise her one day and indulge her in this, imagine dancing to a slow tune with her in your arms and you’re looking into her eyes. This experience will so melt her heart and as she gazes at you, she will remember how much she loves you.

This is not something you do every day so she is sure to love it.  How many men can be this romantic to do this?

Kissing her in public:

4 Romantic Moves That Will Make Her Fall In Love With You

I do not know how many men still do this but it is one of the romantic moves that show you still got your groove on.

After a nice romantic dinner just before leaving the restaurant, take her in your arms and give her a really long French kiss. After doing this, she will feel goose bumps all over her body and fall head over heels in love with you again.

Declaring your love for her openly:

I strongly believe that if you truly love someone, you should not be shy about it. Let her know you love her by also letting others know.

You can take her out and have a band sing a love song to her or you could compose your own song and read it to her. The most important thing is expressing how you feel in the presence of other people.

If you feel you cannot do this in the midst of people you do not know; organize something small and invite your close friends and family members. She will be so thrilled by this.

Dare to be different from other men and just go the extra mile to make that special lady happy. These romantic moves will certainly do the trick.

And so if you think you are ready to make her fall in love with you all over again, then try one or all of these romantic moves and see the magic that will happen.

Do let us know how it goes.

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