5 Classical Reasons Hot Ladies Really Love Dating Alpha Males

Unless you are a recluse who hasn’t stepped outside the apartment since you became an adult, you would’ve come across an alpha male already. They are hard to miss in any crowd. And of course, you must have noticed that the ladies love dating alpha males.

dating alpha males

Here is the thing about alpha males and their relationship with the ladies. They don’t have to be handsome or super hot to have girls all over them. Sometimes, you wonder what girls even see in them.

As a guy, it is likely that you consider alpha too brash or obnoxious. The sort of dudes you really don’t want to be in the same circle with. I have to admit that alpha males make normal men look bad.

The thing is, it is almost hard to compete with a dude who seems to have everything going for him. Unless you are super confident, you’d always feel threatened by guys like that.

Anyway, right now, we are trying to unravel why ladies love dating alpha males. What makes them so special in the eyes of the ladies? What trick or two can other men learn from alpha males as far as attracting hot girls is concerned?

Read on as we attempt to deconstruct the complex relationship between these set of men and females around the world.

Reasons ladies love dating alpha males

1. They project the ‘not nice guy‘ image

dating alpha males

We all know the cliché: girls love men with the bad guy image. Because of their forceful personality, alpha males tend to project a bad guy image which ladies want to have a go a taming.

For some girls though, taming a bad guy is not on the agenda. What they seek is the thrill and fun they hope to get from dating a bad dude. Let’s be honest here, the sort of guys we call bad are actually more fun to be with. There is hardly ever a dull moment with them.

2. That domineering personality appeals to the ladies

dating alpha males

Many psychologists have concluded that it is the nature of women to want men who can dominate them.

Basically, the theory goes that since women can’t date their dads, they look for a substitute dad to date. Somebody that sorts of reminds them of their father.

That kind of explains why some women would find it difficult to leave an abusive man or relationship.

However, in the alpha male, women have the perfect replica of the Father figure. A man who can order them around, and control them while parcelling out love when needed.

And in the alpha male, most women see a man who can be a good leader. A man who has a ‘can do‘ attitude all the time.

3. They see a reflection of who they want to be

dating alpha males

All ladies desire certain traits. For instance, they want to be beautiful, full of self-confidence and assertive. They’d all love to be women who know how to get results effortlessly.

This is a fantasy most women live in. In alpha males, they see a reflection of what they want to be. Basically, it is their fantasy come to reality.

They would want to own that real-life fantasy if they can. So they go out of their way to date alpha males and hang on to them no matter the consequences.

4. Alpha males are hard to get, apparently

dating alpha males

Women see alpha males as a challenge. Generally, due to their nature, alpha males attract a bevy of ladies including the hottest girls. These give the impression it would be hard to have an exclusive relationship with them.

For women, the challenge becomes how to convince this guy to pick her ahead of other girls. Of course, only a very confident, beautiful lady would try to take on this challenge.

And if she succeeds, she sets another task for herself: how to make sure her man isn’t lured into the arms of other girls. However, being an alpha male, she can’t stop other ladies from making a play at him.

As long as she is able to keep him in an exclusive relationship, she gets a lot of satisfaction from it.

5. Unlimited optimism

dating alpha males

Alpha males ooze optimism. Nothing seems to get them down. The way they tackle a project is with the passion of a raging tornado. They don’t allow anything to stand in their way.

Generally, ladies love dating men with that sort of attitude. Perhaps, they are already calculating how their own kids would be like the alpha male. At least, they hope dating him would lead to a wedding.

So, is your boyfriend an alpha male? What attracted you to him? And do you agree that ladies prefer dating alpha males? We would love to hear what you think. Use the comment box below to air your thoughts.

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