Is Your Boyfriend Domineering? 10 Signs That Show You Have a Domineering Boyfriend

Some ladies are so lucky to have boyfriends that are nice, caring, understanding and loving while some others end up having a domineering boyfriend.

Are you aware of the personality type of your boyfriend?

Having a domineering boyfriend can make one not enjoy their relationship and if you do not know what kind of boyfriend you have, how then can you really enjoy that relationship?

The signs below are indicative of the fact that you have a domineering boyfriend.

He controls all that you do:

A domineering boyfriend will always tend to control everything that you do. He will make sure you have no say in making decisions and ensure you abide by his rules and regulations. Going against what he wants may lead to quarrel and strife in your relationship.

He is demanding:

If you have a domineering boyfriend, he will always want things from you. Whatever he wants may be materialistic or he may just want you to spend your time with him even if it is not convenient for you. At this point, he doesn’t want to get a negative response from you but he wants you to give him what he wants and when he wants it.

At times, when your boyfriend seems too demanding, it may make you feel like you have no mind of your own.

He does not ask for your opinion on issues:

If you have a domineering boyfriend, he will make decisions and conclude on them without asking you what you feel about it. To him, what he has decided upon is the best and whatever input you may have is not needed.

This act of his will surely make you feel insecure and insignificant in your relationship.

He monitors your movements:

If your boyfriend always calls you to know where you are at all times then he is domineering. He would want to know where you are, who you are with and why you are with that person.

And if you do not inform him about where you are going and he eventually finds out, he will be very angry with you.

He wants you for himself alone:

A domineering boyfriend would not want you to associate with other people. He wants to be the only friend that you have and also wants to be the only person you can rely on.

He gets jealous easily:

10 Signs That Show You Have a Domineering Boyfriend

If you have a domineering boyfriend, he will be jealous of almost everything you do if he is not involved. He wants to be a part of all that concerns you and leaving him out of all or some parts will always make him feel jealous.

You always want to please him:

Now if you find out that you do not want to upset your boyfriend but always want to do things to please him simply because he may get angry at you then he is domineering. The thought of seeing him angry gives you the creeps and you do all you can to avoid that.

He shouts at you at any slightest opportunity:

10 Signs That Show You Have a Domineering Boyfriend

Your domineering boyfriend looks for ways to exert his masculinity on you and so if you go against what he wants, he does not hesitate to shout at you.

Shouting at you makes him feel superior to you and also makes you feel like he is a king to you.

He looks down on you:

If you have a domineering boyfriend, he may look down on you sometimes especially when he is with his friends or in public. This is because he would want people around you to know that he has power over you.

He is usually unapologetic:

A domineering boyfriend will find it hard apologising or saying “thank you” because he sees no reason why he should and his ego wont let him do so.

Having a domineering boyfriend is not really ideal and so it is best you know if your boyfriend is one by going through the signs listed above.

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