The Top 10 Online Dating Lies in Both Male And Female Profiles

online dating lies

Online dating lies are as common as the proliferation of online dating sites. Around the world, millions of people have embraced these sites seeking for online love. But, for many reasons, despite the anonymity of online dating, too many lies are being told.

Perhaps, it is just that anonymity that even encourages online dating lies. Look at it this way, you can be anything you want to be simply by exaggerating your profile.

However, the lies always come to bite you when it’s time to meet your online partner. That is one of the biggest reasons online relationships don’t survive the real world.

Because the lies told online to get a date might be too much to face the harsh light of reality. Most people feel defrauded when they discover the truth about the person they met online. It can be devastating.

The scale of online dating lies is huge. Studies have revealed that about 80% of online profiles are lies. To put it in context, for every 100 profiles, only 20 are likely to be telling the truth about themselves.

And the lies cut across both sexes. Women lie as much as men to have a better chance of getting their dream partner online.

So what are the top 10 online dating lies? Which traits do people lie more about when creating their profiles in online forums?

1. Job

As far as online dating lies go, men lie about the job they do more than women.

This is expected as the society largely defines a man by the job he does. A well-paid job is equal to a responsible man who can take care of the needs of the woman and ultimately a family too.

Basically, most men lie about the job they do in their online dating profile. They make it better than it is.

2. Height

Height is also one of the most common online dating lies. Generally, men lie that they are taller than they actually are.

Women, on the other hand, try to keep their heights within a certain range. This is because women know men prefer an averagely tall lady.

3. Weight

This too is one online dating lie common to both sexes. There is no definite pattern here. Everybody wants to come across as slim and therefore healthy and fit.

However, women tend to reduce their actual weight a lot more than men. Pot-bellied people (whether men or women) would never mention that fact in their online profile.

4. Physique

online dating lies

Here the lies conform to what society thinks is the best Physique for a particular sex.

Therefore it is common to see women describing themselves as having the physique of a model or very curvy if that is what they think the men would prefer.

Men on the other hand generally go for the athletic and muscular physique. They make it look like the gym is their second home.

5. Money

This is closely related to the sort of job they do. However, most profiles try to give out the impression they have a lot more money if the job doesn’t convey that.

6. Position at work

online dating lies

This is one of the online dating lies that is almost exclusive to men.

Men lie about the nature and position of work they do. They lie to make it look like they are high up the managerial ladder. This is done to get a lot more respect from prospective women of course.

Women don’t have to lie about this. After all, many men find powerful women too intimidating to date. Some men even prefer the women to be a lowly office clerk or secretary. That way, it gives them a feeling of superiority over the woman.

7. Bust

This lie is exclusive to the ladies in online dating. The ladies know men love their ladies with big boobs. So they exaggerate the size of their bust to look more attractive.

On the other hand, though, a woman with very huge boobs would downplay the size. Fact is, very huge boobs are sometimes a turn off for men.

8. Social circle

online dating lies

Both men and women lie about their social circles in their online profiles.

Without stating it explicitly, they give the impression they know and are friends with important people. This makes them sound more interesting and fun to be with.

Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to meet with the movers and shakers of society through an online friend?

9. Age

This depends on the sex of the profile. Like in real life, women generally lie by bringing down their age. This makes them more likely to get a date as men generally prefer their dates young and attractive.

Men though don’t lie about their age as much as women. However, they lie to keep it within a certain range to where they seem old enough to be responsible.

10. Relationship status

online dating lies

Both sexes lie about their relationship status online. Basically, we all want to be single and free to mingle.

However, this is understandable as stating you are in a relationship is a sure way not to get matched.

These are the top 10 online dating lies. Have you ever joined an online dating site before? Tell us what part of your profile you were not very honest about and why you did it?

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