Online Dating Romance Precaution; 7 Signs You Must Know

Online Dating Romance That May Scam You; 7 Signs of Precautionary Measure Your Must Note

There has been several online dating romance that have led to successful relationship and eventually leading to married life. If not twice or three times as far as I can remember, I have attended friend’s wedding that they meet their partners online. So also, many friends have fallen victim of online dating romance scam, several of such cases I have heard is with time without numbers.

There are real people in the online dating world that actually go out to look for their life partner, and it is these same people that look for life partner that are being scammed. It is so unfortunate that such thing happen to those with genuine mind for online dating romance.

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People fall to victims because of their emotional vulnerabilities, it is these vulnerabilities in them those scammers work on and eventually get rid of their monies. The nature of human will make anyone fall in love with whoever you speak to frequently on your phone and computer as far as online dating is concern. It is very easy to deceive online daters as they are not seeing you, whatever information that is given to them is what they know about the other person and nothing more until maybe both of them meet one on one in real life.

Please take note of these 7 signs that are designed to rip off your money and goods, they are really red flag and scam expert too recommend them.

  1. Your online dating romance partner want to call you pet name too soon. They begin calling you honey, baby, love; the list goes on and on.
  2. Have noticed some fraudster message in your facebook inbox, some of them send it on facebook to chat with you privately in their email box and not on facebook where they find you. They encourage you to leave the dating or social network site you are currently on and communicate instant messaging or some other site.
  3. They send you too many photos too soon and other personal touches. They also want more photos of you (BE CAREFUL).
  4. They want your address immediately and back it up by saying they want to send you flowers or court you in an “old fashioned manner.”
  5. They give you numerous excuses of why they cannot meet you in person.
  6. Things always come up that need to be dealt with immediately. This is where they will begin needing money or some other assistance from you. They are slick about the timing with this and usually wait until you are “hooked.”
  7. If you are wise enough to catch them, they continue to lie by telling you that although they weren’t in love with you, through the process of getting to know you they have completely fallen in love with you. Do not believe this.

Once they can get hold of your real photo, often times, the deal is half done. They can blackmail with those photos, this is the very reason why you must be careful and take very serious caution with any information and anything you send to your online dating romance partner.  They are usually after money, and they have their victim in a vulnerable position emotionally.

There you have them, the 7 signs to watch out for in your online dating romance.

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