Top Ways To Keep Your Engagement Ring For Ever New

Your engagement ring is one the few accessories you are most likely to put on throughout your entire life time. To make it always looking fresh and new, you’d need to spark it up with a little maintenance.

Engagement rings and wedding rings are usually made with sturdy materials that easily withstand wears and tears and last for a longer period of time.


If your engagement ring is made of diamonds and precious metals, it would last longer and cannot be easily spoilt. However, in order to keep it in good condition and looking forever new, you need to take care of it regularly.

It’s significant to keep your diamond engagement ring spotless and unsoiled at all times. You don’t need to keep it clean and spotless just because of impressive visual impression or to keep it germ-free, but due to the fact that diamond jewelry is a sort of financial investment that requires adequate protection to maintain its value.

Wondering how to retain the sparkling beauty of your engagement ring, this article will teach how!

Take care how you handle your engagement ring

Your engagement ring ought to be gripped through their band and not at all by its diamond. When you directly grip your engagement ring, natural oils from your hands can mount up and gather just around the stone’s setting, which is much more difficult to dirt free.

Gripping it directly can also make the setting to get loosened up. On the other hand when you pick your engagement ring by its band, it will keep it safe, protected and always new.

Savoir-faire storage

Although, it can take time for your diamond engagement ring to chip, it can actually happen especially when you perchance knock it against related diamond jewels and other types of precious metals. Your engagement ring should be packed and kept in a safe place when you are not making use of it.

Depending on the quality of the ring, you may desire to keep it protected. Whatever you chose to do, it is safer to keep it away from other jewelry and in a squashy container or purse to prevent your engagement ring, from being dented or scratched.

Every day utilization of your engagement ring

Putting your engagement ring on 24 hours daily leads to an upsurge of dirt and minor-particle fragments on it and particularly around the setting. Take your ring off anytime you go in to shower.

Also take it off when you are applying creams and makeup or cooking food in order to keep it sparkling clean and in good condition for all times to come.

The use chemicals in cleaning your engagement ring is a no, no recommendation

Although you’d be able to clean off some dirt, a few day by day household chemicals can cause actual harm to your engagement ring.

Household cleaning products, hairspray, furnishing products, bleaches and hair dye are bad for your ring. They are mostly responsible for ruining your engagement ring as well as ring.

Take off your ring, put on gloves and ensure you wash your hands systematically before wearing back your jewels.

Soak your engagement ring in a glass of vodka

Vodka is very good for your wedding ring.  Dip your engagement ring in a glass of vodka, wash it under a tepid tap water and wipe it dry with a cloth that free from lint revitalize your ring and make it look fresh and new again.

If you do not particularly like hard spirits, soak your engagement ring in a solution of warm water and household ammonia for a maximum of ten minutes. The quantity of the water in the mixture must be 4 times more than that of the household ammonia.

After that, brush your engagement ring very softly with a kid’s toothbrush, and immerse it back into the mixture.

Then again, wash it off with either cold or lukewarm water and allow it to bleed dry on a cloth or towel that is lint-free. To not pat your ring dry with paper. Tissue papers can make fibres and dust to stick to the ring.

If you have receptive skin, a gentle fluid detergent can as well produce good results. When you do this allow it to be immersed for 30 minutes.

Seek expert help

Diamond engagement or wedding ring can slacken off eventually leading in loss of your precious stone. Seek the advice of an expert for standard deterioration check-up and a swift cleaning in your presence.
Applying these tips will make your engagement ring to appear sparkling clean and forever new.


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