Bridal Accessories Mistakes: Don’ts Of Wedding Accessories

Many brides make bridal accessories mistakes. Sure, you need to accessorize to complement the beauty of your bridal garment. You need to perk up your entire bridal appearance by using accessories. However, in your quest for a memorable wedding day, try to avoid these bridal accessories mistakes:

wedding accessories mistakes
bridal accessories mistakes

Buying accessories at the last minute

You need to plan your wedding months ahead. Postponing everything till the last minute, could put you in a difficult situation. You could make avoidable mistakes or fail to get things right.

Your desired ear ring may go out of stock and take weeks or months to arrive. You may also desire a hair accessory which is also out of stock. Your best bet is to start organizing the things you need for your wedding in good time. You also need to buy your wedding shoes in good time to ensure that they are comfortable enough. You need a lot walk and dance steps on your wedding day. So, your shoe must be comfy enough to give the freedom you need. It is very risky to leave you wedding preparations till the last minute. Try to avoid these bridal accessories mistakes.

Overlooking manicure and pedicure

You will be the major focus of everybody on your wedding day including the photographer. You never know, your wedding photographer may want to get closer shot of your dazzling bridal ring. You therefore need your nails to be properly polished and adequately trimmed to present a good image of yourself. You ought to take into consideration, the color of your spray tan, your wedding gown, and your hair color, the look of your bridesmaids’ dresses, your bridal bouquet and your desired make-up style when making a choice of nail polish.

A lot of brides go for a reddening pink, French manicure, white or soft shade; however, if a bold color will go with your flowers or lipstick, it is okay to go for it.

Don’t get caught up trying to experiment of the current trend

Due to contemporary bridal trends, many fashion designers try out different types of materials, varied textures and ornamentation, nevertheless, for a few brides that try to experiment in this manner, they end up making mistakes.

If your wedding dress and veil are made from combination of fabrics and textures like lace, complicated pattern designs and plenty decoration, it may be enough to show off your bridal gown alone. Adding accessory on top of that embellishments and designs doesn’t make fashion sense. It is among bridal accessories mistakes people make.  Again, if your earrings are silver, a necklace that is colored rose gold would be out of order. In the same vein, if your wedding dress is beautified with pearls, a simple bracelet decorated with pearls may look better than the one decorated in rhinestones and crystals.

Avoid Bridal accessories mistakes of over accessorizing

You ought to check your appearance on the mirror and check how things look on you before leaving your house. You may wish to gather up a lot of accessories out of excitements but you should never over do it. The amount of accessory you wear is determined by your style and the ornaments already on your wedding dress. If your bridal gown is fairly glittery and is embroidered with rhinestones and crystals, a pair of earrings is all you need. You really don’t need additional necklace, headpiece and bracelet.

Secondly, perfect the main pieces you actually intend to put on.  If you are going for a tiara  avoid wedding accessories mistakes  by wearing merely an engagement and wedding rings balanced off with a bracelet to compliment your appearance. Or you can avoid accessories mistakes by not using a headpiece if you want an obsequious necklace.

Bridal accessories mistakes
Bridal accessories mistakes

Remember to start planning for your wedding accessories on time. Do go for a choice of materials, or style you desire but always remember the watch word; don’t over accessorize. Less accessory look more beautiful on you than using excess.

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