How To Spend Less With Quality Engagement Ring

Getting an engagement ring that will not create big hole in your pocket for your fiancée is what every guy should put into consideration. Except maybe you have excess money to spend for the engagement ring, and you’re not probably going to run into debt after your engagement.

As much as valentine day is believe all over the world as the lover’s day, there’re still less engagement on valentine eve when compare with Christmas Eve. As a result of this, engagement ring is costlier during Christmas Eve festive season than on Valentine Eve or on any other days in the year.

How To Spend Less With Quality Engagement Rings

In some culture, engagement ring is used as wedding ring while in many culture, it is a different ring altogether. The engagement ring which can be made of diamond or any other gemstone is mainly worn by the women and it is an indication that she’s about to be married after the engagement. The woman’s ring is presented as an engagement gift by a man to his prospective spouse while he proposes marriage or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal. It represents a formal agreement to future marriage.

How then do you cut cost apart from shifting your engagement away from festive season?

You don’t necessarily need to spend more money to get impressive jewellery, what you need is just to know a few trick of this trade on how to get the best engagement ring. You may not even have to follow the trending engagement ring before you make your informed choice

Unlike before where men continue to make the same mistake every time, buying an engagement ring has now changed, and you can save more money if you know exactly what you want and where to find one.

If diamond ring is your prefer option, then you’ll need to understand these 4 factors in other to get the best ring at the best price. These 4 factors are; carat, colour, cut and clarity. All of them start with letter “C,” maybe we can call them the “4Cs Factors”.

According to how this 4Cs factors is mix will determine the price of each diamond and you can get the bet tweak if you have the knowledge.

I’ll briefly explain this 4Cs factor which will help you to get the best out of the engagement rings and you’ll still be able to cut cost, spend less with quality ring.

Unfortunately, there are instances when your fiancée will not like the style of the engagement ring you got. And if you found this out past the window of the accepted return policy of 30 days, the jeweler will not accept the ring. If you’re not happy with your choice, you can always upload your engagement ring to an online marketplace and see if you can get some reasonable cash for it. With its high perceived value, surely you’ll find no problem selling the ring to interested buyers.


To save cost with this factor, I’ll advice you to go for 0.9 carat diamond instead of buying 1 carat. This is what is called “buying shy” but you never need to worry about that, as only very few people will understand this. 1 carat cost more because jeweller understand that many people are more likely to come for 1 carat than Gemstones that come under 1 carat, which cost less and only a little noticeable different is in-between them. This way, you can cut some cost and your ring will still look good and big just as 1 carat.


Colours of diamonds are ranges from D to Z, the best and the rarest is the D because it is fully colourless. You don’t need to go for Z all because you want to save cost, just chose something closer to D, let say G and you’ll pay less money. The good thing about this is that, only a diamond expert can really differentiate between D and G colour diamond.

You have to note that the industry uses the GIA color scale or the Gemological Institute of America color scale.  The more colorless a diamond is, the more valuable and brilliant it is. However, the naked and untrained eye cannot detect the slight color change. As long as your significant other is fine with it, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a not-so-brilliant cut.


This is the most important of all the 4 factors, because it determines how much sparkling a stone could sparkle and any well cut stone will always hide flaws and looks more dazzlingly than a stone that is poorly cut. If you’re on a limited budget, focus on getting the best cut for your money. To determine the cut you’ll need, you need to know how the cut is being ranked, and here is how it being ranked; excellent | very good | good |fair | and poor. Some retailer do have grading above excellent, you can get that information from them.

Search for the best jeweler that has an excellent reputation in cutting diamonds. This is important because a poorly cut diamond, however expensive, will lose its brilliance and will be less luminous. Today, technology has given diamond cutters an edge, so ask around if they have the latest in laser cutting to be sure.


In term of clarity of gemstones, it is refers to flaws and inclusions and every diamond ring you can find has its rating. It is this ranting that can help you determine their clarity. In the rating for flawless, we have; FL (Flawless and most expensive), IF (Internally flawless). And for inclusions, there’re various ratings for inclusions like; VVSI (very very slightly included), I3 (eye-visible inclusions), SI1 or SI2 (slightly included) diamonds and some other grading. If your desire is to save cost, the best deal for you is the SI1 or SI2 (slightly included) diamonds. Your fiancée is never going to notice anything about it, since she’ll not view it under magnifying glass. Most inclusion will only be visible to experts that know about it.

To cut more cut, buy your diamond ring online rather than buying it in the store. The reason is that online sellers will give the best deal with the best price, they don’t pay for the overhead cost of owning store of shop and this makes it cheaper compare to sellers with store. Browse various online seller to get the best choice with the best price, you can do this in the comfort of your home without driving around from one store to another.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to cut cost on your engagement rings, spending less with quality gemstone.

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