The 7 Topmost Engagement Ring Trends This Year

I love relationship! There are engagements here and there and I have been seeing engagement ring but one thing is so common this year both home and abroad, I noticed that there are seven topmost engagement rings going around. Here and now I am going to reveal to you those engagement rings that are so exclusively this year and that are currently trending now.

The central component of engagement ceremony is ”engagement ring”. Every girl/bride dreams of the most beautiful and stylish engagement ring on her engagement day. So, this matter needs an extreme care and attention while choosing an engagement ring for brides.

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Engagement Ring Trends This Year
The “Halo Setting Ring”
You can’t beat this one! Halo settings engagement rings are much more popular among people in terms of engagement rings. A circular ring is adorned with small diamonds encircling a bigger diamond or gemstone. These settings are exclusively stylish and trendy.
Engagement Ring Trends This Year
The “Diamond Engagement Rings”
Majority of the engagement rings are set along with the use of diamonds. So, there is no chance of the decreased affiliation for diamonds in this year. Diamond is the most sparkling stone that gives an apex of attraction and beauty to the diamond engagement rings. Black diamonds are also much popular in recent times. Diamond is the most precious, colourless and hard stone that is the heart of engagement rings.
Engagement Ring Trends This Year
The “Classical Engagement Ring”
Classical engagement ring styles  has been around for the past decade and presently it’s been redesigned in such a  way that you can resist the sight of it if you happen to first come across it in a chopping shop. There are various kind of these classical engagement ring styles, but I am telling few examples that I know that are currently trending this year and they are as follow:
  • Art Deco Engagement Ring Style
  • Art Nouveau Engagement Ring Style
  • Edwardian Engagement Ring style
  • Retro Moderne Engagement Ring Style
  • Santa Maria Engagement Ring Style
  • Victorian Engagement Ring Style
As far as I am concern, these are some styles that are of classical importance. Celebrities followed these styles on their engagements, so also I expect you too. This is popular this year as well.
Engagement Ring Trends This Year
The “Floral Impacts Engagement Ring”
Because of the important of flower in love and relationship, designers have found a way of designing a engagement ring that has a flower impacts on it. As you know, flowers are a symbol of love, peace, and joy. So, floral impacts are highlighted in engagement rings to show the extreme of sentiments and love. Engagement rings are adorned by floral engravings and designs accompanied with diamonds and gemstones.
Engagement Ring Trends This Year
The “Colourful Gemstones Rings Style”
Maybe I could have mentioned this earlier, anyway! We cannot be talking about engagement rings without mentioning of colourful gemstones ring style, they are a big trend this year in terms of engagement rings. Four of them I just named below, importance are not attach to the way I numbered them, it just depend on which one you prefer most. They are in high demand this year I tell you!
  • Aquamarine Gemstones
  • Beryl
  • Rubies
  • Sapphires
Engagement Ring Trends This Year
The “Twisted Band Engagement Rings Style”
This is another big style of engagement ring that is in vogue this year. In these settings, bands of different metals are set in swirls and curls, adorning them by diamonds and gemstones. These arrangements are extremely voguish and stylish that gives you a unique look. I can authoritatively tell you this that ladies are crazy about this style of engagement rings and it is because it rocks like any other before.
Engagement Ring Trends This Year
The “Delicate Engagement Rings Style”
Delicate engagement ring style naming may have been as a result of the fact that women are delicate and need to be handled with care for their utmost impact in men’s life. This style of ring is adorn too by so many in the world, they can be make of metals, diamonds and gemstones. There are other style that are blended with this particular delicate engagement rings styles. Just go out there and choose your personal choice and taste.
So, these are the latest engagement ring trends this year and they are of high demand currently compare to other types of engagement ring.
I hope you find this article exciting and helpful.
Have a Fulfilling Love & Relationship Life!

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  1. Mens Wedding Rings

    Engagement is the ceremony when two souls committed to live together for their entire life. The ring they wear is token of this commitment. Many people from both sides witness this event and gave their love and blessing to the couple.

  2. The collection you have provided here is superb. Perfect style, color and cut of the diamonds make these extraordinary. The Classical Engagement Ring which I like the most. The below styles are most preferred in these days.

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