Attention Brides to Be: Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band for Him

Attention Brides to Be: Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band for Him

There are plenty of “how to” guides, tips, and words of advice for men when selecting a wedding/engagement ring for their brides to be, but there isn’t much out there to help the bride to be, find the ideal wedding band for their future husband. It could be because men don’t put as much emphasis on the size, cost, or type of ring they receive. It could also be because many women don’t have the pressure of “surprising” their groom and can simply take them shopping to pick out their own ring.

Whatever the reason may be, the wedding ring is a symbol of your everlasting love for your spouse, and when he looks down, chances are he wants to see more than a band from the gumball machine (unless that’s all you can afford).

So ladies, here is a bit of advice on how to find the perfect ring for your groom.Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band for Him

1.  Consider His Lifestyle

What does your groom do for a living? What does he do for hobbies? If he is a “manly man” that works with his hands and does a lot of outdoor activities, then you’ll probably want to go for a ring that is more durable. If he’s not really a manual labor kind of guy and doesn’t involve himself in too many rugged activities, then durability may not be as important.

2.  Consider His Jewelry Style

While most women (not all) women would simply gush over the sight of a large diamond ring, men (not all) are a bit more laid back and won’t obsess if they receive nothing more than a solid band. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take his desires and personality into consideration as you begin shopping for the perfect ring. When deciding on the type of ring to get your guy, judge based on the type of jewelry he already owns. Does he have an abundance of rings? Is his jewelry more basic and solid or flashy with diamond accents and stones?

Remember, he’s going to have this on the rest of his life, so it might as well be something that compliments his style. If he’s more of a basic jewelry wearer, then you might go with a classic gold or platinum band. However, if he’s flashier, going with something like black gold men wedding bands with a few diamond accents would suffice. Taking the time to figure out what he might like would make him appreciate you all the more.

3.  Know His Ring Size

It is imperative that you have your guy’s ring size before you purchase. Since he already knows that you’re getting married, there is no need to beat around the bush with this one. Even if you want to surprise him with the type of ring you choose, you can ask him to accompany you to the jeweler for professional sizing. Trying to guess might prove to be a bit harder than you imagined. Not to mention, if your guy has larger than average fingers, you’ll probably have to have the ring special ordered which will take a lot longer than just picking one up from the local jewelry store.

4.  Consider the Overall Costs

There are all these rules for men when purchasing engagement rings including the “3 months worth of your annual salary”. Because wedding bands (for men) are often a lot less expensive than engagement rings, women probably don’t have the same pressures as men. However, you still want to make sure that you invest a considerable amount. You do have the wedding itself to pay for as well, but spending even one month of income on his wedding band would be nice. Of course, at the end of the day it’s supposed to be the thought that counts so don’t get too caught up in the cost.

5.  Online Shopping Tip

If you intend to take advantage of the benefits to shopping for a wedding band online, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. First and foremost you want to remember to only shop from reputable vendors. You can ask around or check out online consumer reviews to see what others have to say. Also, review the return and refund policy. While you hope that nothing goes wrong with the purchase, you can never be too sure and you don’t want to find out after the fact that you can get a refund or return the ring if you’re dissatisfied. Lastly would be to order in a timely fashion. Again, if something is wrong with the ring (i.e. size, overall quality), you want to have enough time to send it back and find another one before your big day.

Ladies, even if your guy is not big on rings or doesn’t make a huge fuss over the type of wedding band he’d like to wear, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put forth the effort to make him smile. After all, the engagement and wedding will ultimately be about you and making you smile, so why not go the extra mile to show your husband to be just how much you appreciate him. Not to mention, he’ll wear this ring the rest of his life, and that alone is worth making sure it’s one that will last forever.

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