How To Plan Green Wedding: Green wedding ideas

Couples plan green wedding by incorporating eco-friendly options like invitation cards, flowers, wedding gown, photography and much more.

A green wedding or an eco-friendly wedding is a wedding where the couple tries to reduce the negative impact of their wedding celebration to the earth.

While planning green wedding, couples are conscious of the using up of resources that would otherwise be used in the wedding.

It may include recycling waste, selecting a sustainable venue and even ignoring to take part in conventional wedding practices that are considered highly expensive live purchasing diamond wedding rings.

A lot of people who live green lifestyles think it is essential to also desire and plan green wedding. Some people who chose to do green wedding do it to let others know that how significant it is to consider sustainability in all things we do in life.

plan green wedding

The major reason why people go for green wedding is to minimize the effects wedding celebrations could have in the environment around us.

A lot of people are of the opinion that if we don’t keep an eye on some wedding practices and the preparations involved, a standard wedding would normally result to a huge amount of significant waste.

Fundamental principles why people plan green wedding

One  major concept  behind planning green wedding is  to make sure that the materials used for the wedding doesn’t readily turn into waste but are put into further use after the entire celebration.

Things majorly considered are majorly just the once throwaway materials used in a wedding like hosiery, plates, cups, embellishments or wedding favors. The majority of green weddings rather opt for hired or recycled materials.

A second option people go for is to lease materials required for the wedding rather than purchasing all new equipment or decorations to enable them minimize the waste that they could create through the wedding ceremony.

Further to planning green wedding is the urge to inhibit or lessen every harmful impact that could be caused to the environment either directly or indirectly through the resources used for the wedding.

A standard wedding celebration yields about 400 lbs of refuse and 63 tons of carbon dioxide. An average wedding can generate as much waste as that which would be generated by about 8.3 million cars plying the road.

That is when you put together things used for the wedding like flowers, paper  for invitation cards, textiles for wedding gown and suits, gas emissions  for transportation and the whole lot of things that could come out of the wedding celebration.

Planning Green Wedding Flowers

The next significant feature that is vital if you want to plan a green wedding is your choice of flower.

This is majorly because of the fertilizer that is used during the cultivation and the gas emitted y the flower during transportation. A number of couples who plan green wedding go to organic florists for their flowers.

plan green wedding

The second thing about the flowers is how they are disposed of after the entire celebration.

Some couples choose to wed with flowers that they will replant and allow to continue growing after the wedding than flowers that get tossed into the dust bin immediately after the wedding celebration.

Green Invitation cards

There is a huge amount of paper used  during the wedding celebration. One major reason why paper is used in wedding is due to invitation cards.

Green wedding planners help you to select choice of invitation forms to use to minimize too much waste of paper during the wedding process. A few options they employ are:

  • Making use of recycled paper
  • Buying DIY kits to produce their own invitation cards
  • The use of the internet to send out electronic invitations rather than printing cards
  • The use of paper that is not made from tree

Sustainability about food

Food is one significant factor that determines the sustainability of a wedding celebration.  A number of wedding planners decide to get all their food supplied by local organic farmers to minimize the quantity of chemicals that was used during the farming practices that yielded the food product.

Wedding cakes would be prepared from organic ingredients. Also during green weddings leftovers are not discarded but donated to charities to carter for the poor and the needy.

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