Wedding flowers and The choice of wedding Corsages  

Wedding bouquets  and wedding corsages can be made of just about whatever thing a bride wants; like pearls, flowers pearl wire, glitz wire, diamantes, rhinestones, beads and feathers. They can be of a conventional design and shape or a definite selected design and shape. In the modern day, there are a lot of exquisite choices of bouquet for bride-to-be.

Wedding flowers are cautiously selected to harmonize the beauty of the Bride and Groom’s outfits in addition to that of their bridesmaids, the best man and the flowers girls. The parents of the Bride and Groom also wear wedding flowers which are as well carefully selected to add to the beauty and glamour of their outfits.


When buying flower for your wedding party, the right practice is to buy a similar flower that matches the bridal bouquet for the parents of the bride and groom, the best man and the ushers. Including the grandparents and any siblings of the bride and groom that are not in the wedding party can as well add a special tough to your wedding if you have the money.

Low cost lapel blooms

In the last decade, just one  plain rose or carnation made a buttonhole but presently, many different forms more exotic flowers has been being used to pretty up outfits, such as lilies, orchids and even funky new snow berries!

If you are planning a classic wedding, the comparatively cheap Gypsophila with its tender, tiny and white flowers may be a great option but if you are looking for a more remarkable wedding flower trends, you can get a lot of gorgeous choices either online or in floral shops.

Buttonhole and a corsage are not the same. They differ from each other. Also those who wear buttonholes differ from those who wear corsage; the side of the body they are worn are also varied.

Invited guests who wear wedding corsages

It is not a must for the bride and the groom to buy buttonholes and corsages for all their invited guests. The common practice is to buy for the wedding party. You need to bear your budget in mind. The majority of other wedding guests imagine that they supposed to buy their own and not depend on the bride and the groom.

Corsages are usually worn by the mothers of the Bride and Groom. They are occasionally also worn by grandmothers of the bride and the bride groom. There are a lot of options available for these female wedding party members. They can choose to wear corsages on their hands and in their wrists instead of attaching it to their attires.

Where wedding corsages are worn

Wedding corsages are made up of a lot of flowers that add to the beauty of the bridal bouquet and they are usually worn on the right hand side. The flowers face downwards instead of upwards as obtained in the men’s buttonholes. The fashionable and most trendy flowers used for corsages are Singapore orchids, stephanotis, spray roses and calla lilies which can bring out very beautiful flowers.

Deciding the type of corsage to wear

When deciding on the type of corsage to wear and where to wear it, it is better to consider the style and the textile material with which the clothes were made. Take for instance attaching a corsage onto a satin or silk fabric can pull down or spoil the fragile fabric. You can get over this by buying corsage magnet together with the corsage or buying a corsage that is worn on the wrist rather than on the clothes. Again, you have the choice of pinning the corsage to your hand bag.

What we have provided for you in this article is a useful guide about wedding flower’s corsage. You do not have to strictly follow it. What matters is that it is your special occasion. Go ahead and do what you want, how you want it and do with ideas presented herein to guide you. Choose what appeals to you most for your buttonhole and corsage. You can choose a very simple choice or a more fabulous and chic one.

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