Wedding Flowers and the choice of Wedding Buttonholes

Wedding Buttonholes is a floral decoration worn by men, naturally a single flower or bud. Although buttonholes are habitually worn in the past, they are now regularly reserved for special occasions that require formal wear like proms, home arrival ceremonies, burial ceremonies, and wedding ceremonies. Women who wear suits on these occasions as well may frequently wear “buttonholes”, but more on the average a woman would usually wear a corsage.  In the present day a lapel pin is more frequently worn than flowers on business suits.


Origin and Why groomsmen wear wedding buttonholes?

The practice of wearing wedding buttonholes and wedding flowers has its origin from the tradition of olden days’ Greece. The male wedding train members would wear a tiny flower bouquet, normally mixed with sweet-smelling herbs, fastened close to their heart in an attempt to drive away evil spirits. The then belief was that those evil spirits would make the groom’s heart hardened against the pride and causing him to love her less. The tradition of buttonholes was transferred to UK during medieval times. Knights of the kingdom would wear their lady’s colours on their upper body to demonstrate their endless love and pledge. These knights would normally wear these colours on their left lapel even without their armor as bridegrooms still do today.

Opting for the type of  Wedding buttonhole to use

The majority of brides on a low cost wedding budget plans  are very much interested in incorporating wedding buttonholes as a trendy accessory to their groom’s, groom men and guests’ outfit s. You can try DIY buttonholes to cut the cost down if you want to incorporate the tradition of buttonhole into your wedding day’s attire.

You can use old wraps of novel sheets or newspapers to make your DIY wedding buttonholes. You may add miniature toys like action figures or Lego characters into the buttonholes to make it is a great and peculiar for big kids and little ushers.

You may also wish to consider the option of using artificial flowers for your wedding buttonholes.  In addition to helping you minimize your wedding expenses, it would also provide you with a long lasting memory of the happenings of your wedding day.

The use of wedding flowers by wedding guests

The bride and groom decide whether or not to also buy buttonholes and/or corsages to the rest of their wedding guests outside the bridal train depending on their budget. Their choice may be influenced as well by the size of their family and whether they’d love their wedding party to look and appear different from the rest of the guest.

In a situation where the invited guest opt to buy their own wedding bouquet, the right protocol is for both female and males guests to put on one flower buttonhole or corsage to avoid outshining the choice and theme chosen by the Bride and Groom for their wedding day.

Oftentimes, the invited guest discard their buttonholes and/or corsages on the on the wedding hall’s tables and the floor immediately after the wedding and reception. This is why you should never worry if you haven’t got enough money to provide your entire invited guest with buttonholes and corsages.

Buttonholes of the groom

The buttonhole of the groom is traditionally different from that of other members of the bridal party and is usually more unique. Since it is his special day, the grooms buttonhole ought to outshine the rest buttonholes to make him appear characteristically amazing for his special day.

Best man’s buttonhole

The best man’s buttonhole can be like that of the bride groom but must not be as full to differentiate who is who. The buttonholes for male ushers, page boys and other close family members basically consist of one flower a rose flower or a carnation with a leaf or two.

The right position for wearing buttonhole

Wedding buttonholes are by tradition put on the left lapel fastened to the back of the buttonhole of the man’s suit jacket or tuxedo. A buttonhole is commonly pushed through the lapel buttonhole on the left hand side and on the same side as a pocket handkerchief and the stem is held in place with a ring at the rear of the lapel.

The flowers usually face upwards and the buttonholes put on by worn by the male wedding party members usually go with the bridal bouquet and/or the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Who wears buttonhole on your wedding day is determined by you. So go for what you want and what you are happy and comfortable with bearing your finances in mind. In a situation where some of your invited men guests dislike and are allergic to the smell of flowers, you may decide to substitute with artificial flowers use the following instead of flowers: thistles, herbs and closed buds.

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