Wedding Flower tips: Trendy Floral Themes

There are so many wedding flower options you can choose from. Just go for what you fancy so far as it corresponds to your wedding theme, boost and add glamour to your wedding dress. You can decide to go native or choose exotic flower. You can as well decide to use traditional or modern one. Then again you have the option of choosing a lasting flower or just natural one for your big day sparkle. We have provided below a few tips to guide you on the best ways to get your bouquets, buttonholes and centre pieces structured.

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Trendy wedding Floral Themes

The recently trending wedding floral themes that are dictating the choice of wedding flowers are: agapanthus, hydrangea, nigella, iris, delphiniums, and monkshood, hyacinth, lilac and blue-green succulents.

Wedding flower and Floral Trends For the fashion enthusiastic brides

Succulents plants

These interesting ornamental plants add quality to your bouquet, work flawlessly as boutonnieres and are very appealing to the eye as table decorations. Their grey-green shades suits well with the majorities of colours and they are exotic, resilient plants that function perfectly in the heat.

Grand Lodge

The delicate style is as well known as the “mountain chic” and it’s a splendid mixture of bucolic style. The greens and browns of nature lead in the theme, but the textures and colours ought to be contrasted with sharp sheens and dazzling crystals. Wedding flowers ought to portray a feeling that they have been just picked and ought to be paired with moss, branch, bark and wood.


Those who are timid are meant for the following flower and colour theme: sunshine yellow, Kelly green, fuchsia, tangerine and cyan. The colour hue is an outburst of colour and contrast, and it’s rightly suited for amusing and valiant bride. Try to make use of these glaring color shades and bold patterns in incompatible ways. Create a wedding flower arrangement that makes you the centerpiece of attention when you walk down the aisle with your bridal bouquet. If you want a feel of glitz, include gold or bronze accents.


Wedding flowers are gorgeous but they can as well be very costly. A green, leafy and less expensive option you can use is the foliage. Incorporate the outdoors into your wedding flower arrangement with the use of ferns, rings of grass, ivy, vines and moss, and muddle up your greens with twigs, berries and bark.


Scented herbs are attractive to the eye and the nose, do mingle them up with parsley, aromatic plant, mauve or mint into your wedding flower arrangements. 

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