Wedding Flower Colour: Top 5 tips on the choice of Wedding Flowers

Colour is a very crucial part of your wedding decision. The color of your wedding flower should complement the bridal gown, the wedding theme, and the wedding dressing of the rest of the bridal party. When you choose a colour that is available during the season you are wedding, there is every possibility of the getting the flower cheaper than when you order a flower that is out of the season. While you are considering your choice of color, think about the colour that will vary from the colour of the room, marquee, or outdoor area where you are and ensure that your choice of colors will stand out. A number of well-liked flowers by the choice of color include:

 wedding flowers

1. White flowers:

Rose, sweet pea, camellia, stephanotis, narcissus, gardenia, orchid, lily of the valley, jasmine, and snowdrop

2. Pink Flowers

 Rose, ranunculus, peony, sweet pea, carnation, tulip, protea, boronia and lily

3. Lavender wedding flowers

 Lilac, anemone, statice, iris, delphinium and hydrangea

4. Yellow wedding flowers

Daffodil, sunflower, tulip, gerbera, lily and freesia

5. Red  wedding flowers

Gerbera, rose, dahlia, poinsettia, and amaryllis

What to do with your Bridal Bouquets after Wedding

Conventionally, the bridal bouquet is torn apart by single female guests struggling over who will be the next bride. Nevertheless, a lot of modern brides are completely leaving off the bouquet toss. Some that incorporate this ritual, over and over again, have a particular throwing bouquet made to keep away from destroying their real bouquet.

If this is what you choose to do, what it means is that your bouquet is still intact after your wedding but you may be wondering what you may do with it. The meaning and worth of the bridal bouquet together with the cost of it makes it difficult for the majority of brides to watch the flowers whither after their wedding and just merely discard them.

 A few things you could do with your wedding bridal bouquet:

1. You can preserve it

Drying your bouquet and keeping it is one of the most popular ways to turn your flowers into a wedding keepsake. If you have your bouquet professionally preserved it can either be dried with silica gel and presented in a glass case or freeze dried and displayed in an open vase. You could also have some of the flowers of your bouquet pressed and framed.

2. You can organize a bouquet dance

The bouquet dance is turning into a trendy substitute to throwing the bouquet. While playing a particular music, the DJ asks every married couple at the wedding venue to take to the floor for a leisurely dance. After about a minute, the DJ would ask every couple that was married for less than five years to depart from the floor, then ten years, fifteen years, etc. At the end, you will be left on the dancing floor with the oldest married couple and you can offer them your bridal bouquet.

My Five Top Tips

·        Stick to one type of wedding  flower:

To make a great impact with your wedding flower and floral arrangements try over-sized featuring just one type of blossom in only one colour. For a bold brilliant arrangement use red anemones or white hydrangeas for a more subtle effect.

·        Forgetting to budget for wedding flowers or going beyond your budget

The majority of brides know that wedding flowers are an important part of their wedding but make the mistake of ignoring and striking it off their budget or get too excited and go overboard their budget.

·        Booking your florist last

Never make the mistake of booking your florist last. It is advisable to book vendors by talking to at least a vendor from every category to get an idea of the price to help you budget well even before the actual booking.

·        Placing an order for your flowers too late

If you hope to use live wedding flower, endeavor to order early enough to give the florist time to order those flowers as some of them are imported. You may be able to get the flowers cheaper if you book earl enough.

  • Look for alternatives to flowers

Incorporating non floral elements into your wedding flower and floral arrangements is a great way to set up something unique into your theme. A bouquet of asparagus, tied with a gorgeous ribbon can be surprisingly attractive.

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