Novel Wedding Accessory Ideas To consider for your day

Your wedding day is round the corner. You are definitely thrilled by the thought of it. As you prepare for your special day, these are fantastic novel wedding accessory ideas that will make your day magnificently special and superb.

They include excellent novel wedding accessory ideas that cover you from hair to toe and from your shoes up to your veil.

Get a peek into this accessory ideas to make your wedding day celebration your pride and envy of many and a welcomed memory keep for the rest part of your life.

novel wedding accessory ideas

Go for glittery and reflective wedding shoes

Wedding trend is not stable. It changes over time. The current trend in wedding shoe is glistering and sparkly shoes.

If you want your wedding day to be the best it can be and at the same time meet up with trend, it is better you go for this novel wedding accessory ideas that not only make you look stunningly gorgeous for your wedding day but which as well shows you are following the current trend.

Whatever your wedding theme and choice of color is, you will find a sparkling shoe with your desired color hue be it violet, red, blonde, golden, green or silver.

Custom-made and modifiable Cuff Links

Going for Custom-made and modifiable Cuff Links is another one among the trending novel wedding accessory ideas. You may want to incorporate it into your wedding even if you’re having an official wedding with black suits or tuxedos, the groom ought to still discover ways to make his personality known. Get Lego cuff links, make your own out of scratch pieces or guitar selections, or go for a slightly silvered cuff links imprinted in the Shops.

Try Spiced-Up Garters

Chessy fake lace garter may not sound like a good idea to you just as it doesn’t to us.

There is a solution, however. Give it a second thought and try to incorporate a few entertaining and funky elements to your under-the-dress spare.

Funky Boleros: one of the most trending novel wedding accessory ideas

The use of Funky bolero is a grand way to dress up a simple wedding dress and get your shoulders covered for a more conventional church wedding.

 Colorful Veils novel wedding accessory ideas

Barred enclosure veils and miniature hair clips with netting are currently dominating the world of wedding veil scene but there’s a little different feel created by a novel accessory idea of putting on a brightly colored wedding veil.

You may want to give it a try especially if you are the type that loves so much sparkle.

Going for a scented Jewelry

Wearing a long lasting perfume is not your only way to smell good throughout your wedding day.

Although it is possible to get such perfume or at the very least re-perfume over and over again during the day which may be uncomfortable, getting a nice and powerfully scented jewelry piece is another novel wedding accessory idea for you.

It keeps you oozing out sweet smell all through your wedding day celebration without having to apply and re-apply perfume during the day.

There are a few fragranced branded jewelries that serve this purpose out there in the market.

The Kilian fragrance brand is collaborating with lavish jewelry designer Paige Novick to produce innovative jewelry and perfume form.

This result of this collaboration has been captured as novel wedding jewelry idea for couples and individuals who are on the lookout of perfumes that stays out throughout the day.

The Paige Novick for Kilian collection has six new styles of upcoming fashion scented jewelry.

You can get any of your wedding jewelry; necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings in black gold and silver with pearl and diamond accents.

The secret to this luxurious scented perfume experience is in a tiny scented ceramic disk, ingeniously concealed and crafted out of site inside every one of these different designs.

The best part if it all is that the collections are wonderfully made that you’d love to have them on forever even without the perfume incorporated inside.

There you have it gorgeous and novel wedding accessory ideas to try for your wedding day. Which one among this list attracts your attention and seems to make it in your wedding day planning lists?


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