10 Types Of Hugs Ladies Give And How To Decode What They Mean

You all must have received lots of hugs over the holiday period. Actually, it was the variety of hugs I got from so many ladies that got me thinking about the types of hugs ladies give and what they mean.

hugs ladies give

Back in the day, one of my crazy friends interpreted every hug as a come-on sign from the lady. He got burnt several times as he tried to get fresh with them. He never stopped believing though. And to be fair to him, his persistence got him some juicy dates.

Anyway, talking to a girl about the hugs ladies give gave threw a huge splash of light on the subject. I knew for a fact not every hug had a romantic undertone. But I never knew the nuances involved in various types of hugs ladies dish out to men.

Like they say, we live to learn every day. Here is what I gathered from my ‘expert’ lady friend.

Meaning of types of hugs ladies give

1. Social hug

hugs ladies give

This sort of hug means nothing else except as a form of greeting. You might be lucky if she holds you for more than a couple of seconds.

If you are sensitive, you might think she doesn’t fancy your body odor. Actually, it is nothing of the sort. Move on and don’t take it too personally.

2. ‘I’m in a hurry’ hug

This sort of hug happens when she has to be somewhere in a hurry. Perhaps, you met her on the street and you expected her to chat with you for a few seconds.

Well, this quick hug is meant to soothe your hurt feelings as she breezes past you to a more important appointment.

How about if you get this sort of hug when she is clearly going nowhere? It simply means she is not into you. But she doesn’t dislike you so much that she can’t give you a hug.

3. ‘You are my friend’ hug

This hug is warm. She likes you and hopes you feel the same way about her too but not in a romantic way.

She would likely wrap her arm around you and give you a pat on two on your back. She might even add a quick rub on the back.

This is just her way of saying she acknowledges you as a friend and hope you’ll keep it that way too.

4. The tight crush

hugs ladies give

This is the sort of hug you would get from your mother or siblings after a long absence.

Coming from the lady, it simply means she feels comfortable and close to you. The point here is you both are relaxed in each other’s company without being romantically involved.

5. Head on your shoulder/chest hug

hugs ladies give

When a girl feels safe around you, her hug is very languid. This is a lingering hug that involves resting her head on your shoulder. If she is not tall enough, the head would rest on your chest.

Her arms could either be around your neck or waist.

If you just met her, this is a clear sign that she likes you. However, you’d have to play your cards right if you want her to become a permanent fixture in your life.

You can push your luck by trying to draw her a little closer. If she allows you, it clearly means you are on to a good thing. But if she resists, you are still in that annoying friend zone. You’d better deal with it the best way you can.

6. Unresponsive hug

This is one of the most discouraging hugs ladies give. This is when you hug her and all you get is nothing in return. Her arms would hang loosely by her side while leaning away from you.

Anybody with good sense would simply leave the lady alone. If you had plans for her, that response is an indication you are missing several tricks in getting her to see things your way.

You better step up your game.

7. Soft lingering hug

hugs ladies give

If you are the shy type, this type of hug would have you blushing furiously in no time at all.

This hug is closer to a cuddle than anything else. This can happen anywhere there is privacy. If you know how to read the signs, she might be inviting you to have much more than a hug.

8. The ‘forever’ hug

Hug experts say a normal hug should not last more than 3 seconds, give or take a second. This hug, though, lasts longer than that.

It happens when she wraps her arms around your back while pulling you towards her body. She doesn’t let go, giving you a feel of her body.

This is her way of letting you know there is something about you that gets her all mushy inside. She might even hold your gaze for the duration of the hug to drive home the message.

9. ‘You are mine’ hug

hugs ladies give

In the world of types of hugs ladies give, this should be one of the best to get from any woman. This hug makes a bold statement not just to you but to the world too.

It mostly happens when you are walking side by side with her. She would wrap her hands around your waist pulling you close to her. A Subtler version of this hug is to link her arms with yours, pulling you close to her.

She is telling you and the world that you belong to her and want to be with you always.

10. Full-on boobs, torso, and limbs hug

hugs ladies give

This hug says just one thing: she wants you.

Here, it is not just a case of wrapping her arms around you. It is also about letting you know her physical need for you.

The hug involves pressing her whole body to yours. She would let you feel the soft pressure of her boobs and groin region on your body. Her laps too would not be left out of the pressure-on-your-body business.

This hug is very bold. Basically, your dreams are about to come true.

The hugs ladies give can pass on messages about what they feel about you. If you know how to decode them, your life would be a lot less complicated.

We would love to hear what you think about this. Do you read meanings into hugs from ladies? For that matter, do you like getting hugs from women?

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